More and more household owners are choosing wood floors for their kitchen and their homes. Aside from the classic visual appeal and aesthetic value of wooden flooring, it adds warmth and character to our kitchen. Although the wooden floor is a bit expensive compare to linoleum and tiles, it can last for decades and increases the market value of your home in case you are thinking of selling the property in the future. 

Wood Floors Will Knock Your Socks Off



Wooden Flooring is also easy to maintain. It is stain-resistant compared to carpet or vinyl which may fade or discolor over time. Choosing a wooden type of flooring is more cost-effective in the long run since wood can be refinished rather than replaced. To help you picture your kitchen in your mind with wooden flooring, here are 10 awesome wooden floor designs for your kitchen remodel project.


Mansion Weave

Mansion Weave Wooden floor design originates back in the 17th-century French style inspired by the grand mansion and palaces of that era. This wooden floor design can be installed in pieces similar to the herringbone pattern though it’s a little bit more complex since it’s made up of polygons and trapezoids that connect to form a weaving pattern. 



Any kitchen floor will transform into an eye-catching feature creating a look of both contemporary and traditional style.  Aside from Mansion Weave wooden floor, Inner Space produced other wooden floor products with a wide variety of colors and finishes.


Chevron Oak Wood Floor

This type of floor is an engineered wood wherein pieces of the slab are smoked, washed, and protected with matt lacquer to achieve the ash tone effect, which gives the floor a subtle finish and character.


Chevron wood floor is laid out in an inverted V pattern with each side consistently meeting at one point, resulting in a striking design that makes the floor stands out. Style Ideas Direct featured a Scandinavian-inspired flooring design including the details you may need if you choose this type of flooring for your own kitchen. 


Painted Wooden Floor

This Old House and its home improvement team introduce a classic wood floor design idea using paint, tape, and stencil.  A suburban kitchen is turned into a timeless piece of art. Thanks to the creative touch of interior designer, Penny Drue Baird who’s designed was inspired by 18th– century classicism. 


This quaint wooden flooring is normally seen in tile material, but her creativity, obviously, overflows into the floor. Baird created 2sq. foot squares at an angle to create an illusion of bigger space. The wooden floor was painted in black and white suggesting 2 types of stones – granite and limestone.  The floor designs were completed with a stenciled leaf motif and coated with polyurethane for a polished finish. 

Wood Floor Transition

The mix of wooden floors with other materials like tiles, or concrete can create a stunning effect. This wood transition flooring forms a unique pattern, texture, and accent to your kitchen floor. The matching of a geometric modern pattern of tile and classic natural material of wood is currently in trend in terms of home remodeling and designs.


The transition between the two materials will absolutely get your attention. It changes the tone of the room and the creative element of uneven inlay on the flooring elicits depth in the design. Houszed Interior Design shares stylish floor transition ideas that will inspire you to jumpstart your kitchen remodel project. 


Decorative Wood Flooring

Many household owners embarking on remodeling projects choose this type of flooring because designs can be customized and give them many options for patterns. This Crescent Wood Medallion, for example, creates an instant accent to your floor kitchen like a tapestry on the wall. 




This creative wood technique was first introduced by Europeans during the 17th century. A technique called ‘Marquetry’ is a process of gluing together thin slices of wood on top of another layer of wood to create a panel design. 


End Grain Wood Flooring

One of the awesome wooden floors design you can choose for your kitchen remodel is the end-grain wooden flooring.


The exposed grain gives a natural texture that cannot be duplicated and displays different rings and swirls. Cochran’s Lumber and Millwork can help you make your custom wood flooring stands out. 


Reclaimed Wood Floor

An eco-friendly design is a good choice in remodeling your kitchen wood floor. Using reclaimed wood or lumber like pine or oak can bring a stylish and beautiful rustic vibe to a room. Knowing that your floor was once the pillar of a 19th-century old fire station creates a nostalgic mood and historical value to the property.


Reclaimed Flooring Co. commits to use reclaimed woods for a more sustainable remodeling practice and contribute to the awareness of the environmental impact of mass forestation on our future. 


Art Mosaic

This wooden floor design uses a marquetry technique. An art mosaic panel made in Oak combined with ash and wenge finish creates a modern and luxury vibe that you can experience when you enter a hotel lobby or art gallery. 


The wooden floor art mosaics are mesmerizing and it’s a great theme to incorporate into your wooden floor designs like the ancient Japanese wooden mosaic called “Yosegi”, which are created by craftsmen using timber with different natural colors. 


Horizontal Wood Floor

This wooden floor design is a safe and common favorite of designers and household owners. A horizontal layout of the flooring makes the room appears larger and spacious.

Take a look at this  White Oak wood plank by Willian and Henry which also creates a bold yet warm style. 


Basket Weave Parquet Wooden Floor

The Basket weave parquet design resembles the pattern of a wicker basket, hence the name. This wooden floor design was once overshadowed by many wood parquet patterns, but it has come back in trend because of the high flexibility of the design for floorings which can be used in gardens, living rooms, and kitchens.

This pattern has another variation called the “square basket”, which appears like a checkerboard and can be achieved by layingthe floorboard alternately. Solid Wood Flooring Company has even more variations of basket weave wood parquet designs.