If you’re tired of your old kitchen and looking for some kitchen makeover ideas, these 20 amazing remodel ideas will fire you up to finally get that kitchen project done.  Whether it’s a big or small kitchen, you’ll be surprised how little tweaks of light or a mix of colors and patterns can make a huge impact on your kitchen.

Let us give you some guide to remodel a kitchen and experience the joy of looking at before and after photos of your own remodeled kitchen. So, stop procrastinating and be inspired by these professional kitchen designers. Maybe you can pick some ideas to integrate them right into the heart of your home. 

1. Give your flooring a new life.

If you are going for an out-of-conventional design, choosing a white scallop tile for flooring can make a bold statement. It gives your kitchen a breezy and modern feel while adding a vintage rug creates warmth and contrast. Remodeling a kitchen floor can be a little expensive, but if you think about how upgrading your kitchen floor can maximize the value of your home, it’s still worth the cost. 


2. Repaint the cabinets.

Sometimes a simple way of repainting can bring out an amazing makeover to your kitchen. A painterly approach by A&P, a designer from Surly Hills, NSW, will help you transform your kitchen just like this deep marine blue cabinet which adds an important function and visual appeal to your overall kitchen renovation.  


3. Upgrade your kitchen Storage. 

You can achieve an amazing kitchen transformation simply by adding some built-in and pull-out storage for your pots and pans and other cooking wares. The Magic Corner Kitchen Unit with an option of left and right pull out offers a solution for a clutter-free and more organized kitchen. But if you want a custom-fit cabinet and storage solution, Perfect Kitchen Remodel can do the trick and give your kitchen a permanent face-lift. 


4. Create a focal point through a wall cutout.

Thinking outside of the box is always encourage when we want to be creative. And one of these kitchen remodel ideas encourages the owner to cut out the wall that gives a unique focal point to the kitchen. Through this oval shape wall cutout, it creates a connection to the rest of the house, and the wall frames from the other room became a highlighted accent. 


5. Create a coastal theme. 

Inspired by the laid-back island lifestyle, these coastal chic kitchen remodel ideas can make you dream of the ocean waves and golden sands. The combination of blue and white soft color tones adds a relaxing feel-good beach vibe to your kitchen. Now all you need is a hammock and a tiny umbrella over your coconut juice drink…or a glass of martini be better?


6. Add a touch of green.

Remodeling a kitchen can be as simple as adding plants. You’ll be surprised how they can make a kitchen alive and vibrant. So, bring out the “plant lady” in you and add a touch of nature like Pothos and Peace Lily into your kitchen.  Pots of herbs are also useful and perfect for indoor garden. The Home of Houseplants is a collector and vendor of indoor plants where you can get your collection of green indoor accents.


7. Let the lights do the trick.

Just like the Beckham Creek Cave  (once a dark cave now a grand lodge) in the mountain of Arkansas can look luxurious using the right light fixtures. Your kitchen can also have that elegant appeal depending on the style, function, and mood you want to project.  LED ceiling light route can be installed for bright illumination around the kitchen.  Placing the lights under the cabinet can bring a warm and cozy effect while the classic cylindrical pendant light over the kitchen island creates an accent. 


8. Blend shapes and patterns.

Designer Michelle Nussboumer made an unexpected blend of patterns in this remodeled kitchen in Guanajuato, Mexico. Your eyes will feast in every corner of this room. The expanse of the kitchen is covered with ikat-designed custom tile and mix it with vintage jars with geometrical patterns.


9. Splurge on countertops.

Choosing the right countertops is another kitchen remodel ideas that can give your kitchen an aesthetic and sophisticated value. Aria Stone Gallery reveals the advantages of having a marble countertop which outweighs its cost for what it’s really worth.


10. Bring the rustic farmhouse to your kitchen.

Here’s Stacie Diamond Pinson’s small farmhouse kitchen remodel before and after photo. A farmhouse-inspired kitchen can also be yours by using a mix of wood furniture, mid-century chandelier, and barn door. You can have an afternoon tea and enjoy the rustic vibe from this remodeled kitchen’s natural materials and design elements. 


11. Upgrade your kitchen appliance.

If you have a small kitchen, compensate it with innovative kitchen appliances that will make the area less cramped. Investing in the slide-in oven, ranges, or dishwasher is worth its cost since they are most efficient and last a long time. A quality refrigerator, Sub-Zero for example would last 18 to 20 years. Experts from Drury Design knows how to incorporate high-end appliances and turn your kitchen into an instant luxury kitchen with a combination of function and style.


12. Add open shelves.

No need to dismantle existing cabinets. You can simply add open shelves for additional storage and contrast to your kitchen wall. However, depending on your color choice, white painted shelves can highlight the texture or design of your wall or wallpaper. It can be both functional and stylish providing a cute space for your mug or teacup collection, recipe books, or bottle of spices. 


13. Turn the dull corner into cozy breakfast nook.

Add a cozy vibe by remodeling an unused corner in your kitchen where you can work quietly or enjoy a morning breakfast with your partner.  You can turn it into a quintessential space that elicits a chic bright mood through design elements and accents. Kate Markers designed a perfect bright breakfast nook using wood and fabric for cabinet bench accentuated with throw pillows and combining contrasting black colored wooden chairs.


14. Mirror mirror on the backsplash.

A mirror backsplash can add flair and character to your kitchen. This is one of the many kitchen remodel ideas that can give your kitchen a sense of a modern cosmopolitan vibe. And because the mirror reflects light, it significantly makes the room sparkle and bright. Design professionals, Jason and Neil Parsons of Design Build Planners can provide thorough insights to help you decide on your remodel project. 


15. Go retro. 

Get a blast from the past in this retro-inspired kitchen remodel idea. Using a soft tone palette of mint green and a contrasting bright cherry red, this retro kitchen makeover brings out a funky, and at the same time, nostalgic mood of the design. Through the help of Larry Lambert of Chi Renovation and Design, a plan was made and completed. 


16. Style your kitchen island. 

A kitchen island is a necessary component whether you have a small or large kitchen. It gives more space for ‘mise en place.’  It also gives additional storage for other kitchen wares and appliances like bowls, microwaves, or mixers. A shabby Chic-style kitchen island, for example, can add charm and a homey feel because of its rustic vintage element. Apartment Therapy can offer more ideas and style solution to make your kitchen island stands out.   


17. Leave the kitchen pipes exposed.

Exposed Pipes are becoming popular and trendy. It is a juxtaposition of strength and beauty in the element of design. This kitchen remodel trend helps you achieve a unique, industrial, and edgy look.  

18. Less is more.

A minimalist kitchen remodel design can still be packed with style. The trick lies in the organization, storage, and layout of the furniture wherein it maximizes the space for a simple, yet elegant look.


19. Paint a kitchen ceiling mural. 

Reach a new height of style in kitchen makeover by painting your ceilings. Your guest will not stop looking up and admire an art above your head. The intricacy of designs can have a striking impact that can turn into a unique feature in your kitchen. Virge Temme Architecture refurbished original Scandinavian rosemale paintings on the ceilings for a cottage-style home. 


20. Play with Colours

Designer Justina Blackeney is not afraid to play with colors when it comes to her design interiors. The beautiful blend of patterns and colors creates a quirky charm to this kitchen.