Have you ever experienced looking for misplaced items in your kitchen? Reading this question may trigger you to recall your daily dilemma. But what more if you have these uninvited guests taking a grand tour in your kitchen? Yikes! These scenarios could be prevented if you run into cool Kitchen Storage Ideas that we’re about to share with you! 

With these 20 amazing kitchen storage ideas, you’ll not just be able to maximize the space in your kitchen but also organize, beautify, and give it a more inviting vibe!   

Turn Your Boring Cabinets into Walk-In Pantries

How do you like space where you can put all your kitchen stuff and stock in secret? This technique will help you guard your kitchen essentials from tools, ingredients, and different equipment. And with the help of Tom Howley, owning a custom-made walk-in pantry or cabinet is as easy as drinking iced coffee! 

Fix Your Appliances

Owning different appliances gives endless possibilities in the kitchen. But why not make them look sleek and ready to use by reducing their massive appearance? This is a good suggestion from the Bosch Kitchen Design Ideas. It will effectively help you save space and make your kitchen top less crowded.

Level Up With Floating Cabinets

One of the best kitchen storage ideas is the use of floating cabinets. This floating shelves design from Coralite Woodworks LLC blends well with the interior and renders ample space for your kitchen wares, spice jars, and other kitchen stuff. 

Install Pot Racks

There are plenty of kitchen storage ideas for pot racks. But Williams Sonoma proves that its Enclume Traditional Oval Ceiling Pot Rack can help you organize your pots by suspending them from your ceiling. It’s simple yet elegant, and you don’t have to add embellishments for its appearance alone is enough to amaze you and your guests. It comes in three finishes such as copper, hammered steel, stainless steel and offers sizes from 3ft to 5 ft. 

Go For Drawer Organizers

Cabinets come with drawers. But drawers could be your source of stress when random tools inside are scattered. It would be easy to navigate each tool if you have interlocking drawer organizers designed by Madesmart.Inc. Here you can put your cutleries, ladles, grater, baking wares, molders, and more.  They are easy to clean and durable, making them a perfect addition to the kitchen. 

Save Space With Pull-Out Cutting Boards

One of the best kitchen storage ideas is the use of pull-out cutting boards. Count one to three and you’ll have a perfect solution to your small kitchen or minimalist theme. Designed by the Cutting Board Company, you have the power to customize your pull-out cutting board from materials used, thickness, and finish. 

Let Your Mugs Hang with Hooks

Kitchen storage ideas for mugs have never been easy without the hooks. Designed by Fine Home Displays, this vertical mug tree will serve as an embellishment to your wall at the same time an elegant solution to keep your teacups, beer mugs, and coffee mugs organized.

Movable Pegs For Dishes

Precious kitchen items merit the best care especially if they cost a fortune or have a significant value to you. This is what makes peg boards organizer trendy and dependable! Using one of these kitchen storage ideas from OVIS, you can have your custom-made peg drawer that will eliminate the hurdle in storing soup bowls, dishes, pans, and your other kitchen items.

Hanging Kitchen Baskets to the Rescue

If you’re looking for kitchen storage ideas that will permit you to save space and money, then turn to hang kitchen baskets. The satin nickel-finished 3-tier metal hanging basket from Bed Bath and Beyond serve as a storage and display for your fresh ingredients, kitchen tools, or ornaments. 

Think of An Inspiration

The kitchen storage ideas designed by LIVSPACE will inspire homeowners like you to maximize your space in the kitchen for your kitchen essentials. This Carmen Straight Kitchen design provides ample storage from your spices, tools, cutleries, stocks, and renders an exciting cook spot for you and your family! 

Explore the Potential of Magnetic Knife Racks

Decent storage and care for our kitchen knives are a must to preserve their quality. Once again, Williams Sonoma provided a genius way to store and access your knives in the kitchen. The chestnut finish of this magnetic knife bar will easily blend well with your kitchen’s interior design and thus make you have a chef’s kitchen vibe.

Fill-in Baskets for Your Walk-in Pantry

Walking in your pantry to gather the required kitchen tools and ingredients could turn into a scavenger hunt with different items strewed on the ground. This pantry makeover designed by Heidi Kundin of Happiness is Homemade provides an idea of how labels and baskets can change the game in your kitchen stock management! 

Ditch Your Plastic Bags and Try the Glass Canisters

Talking about the kitchen storage ideas using plastic bags, they may not be that helpful in terms of handling your bulky ingredients or items in the kitchen. Showing the idea of using glass canisters in a delightful way, Williams Sonoma gives inspiration in making elite-looking countertops and pantries.

Make Way for Multipurpose Swing Away Seat

Swing stools are an ideal living room and kitchen addition. Aside from giving you a comfortable seat just like this model from BenchCrafted, you can easily tuck it by simply swinging away. No tripping accidents but perfect solution for limited kitchen space!

No More Piles with Vertical Dividers

Piles of chopping boards, rolling mats, and pot lids, can be troublesome when navigating other kitchen stuff. But with these kitchen storage ideas from The Container Store, keeping them in place is like eating a piece of cake with their vertical dividers!

Add Stemware Racks

Stemware gives a 5-star vibe when dining. But keeping them tucked is a challenge for they require generous space in the kitchen. But why feel pressured when this design from Build with Ferguson can keep them hanged inside your secret storage or under your cabinet? 

Spice Racks for Shallow Cabinets

Overcooked meals happen when we leave the dish over the stove while looking for that spice that will complete the taste of the dish. This problem doesn’t require a complex solution! With this idea from the family handyman, you’ll never lose sight of the spices in your kitchen plus save space in your shallow drawers. 

Get More Space with the Help of Risers

Living with a small kitchen in your house may be tough. But risers made from organic materials like this bamboo stackable shelf will provide an extra space underneath them. Add a few of your dream kitchen tools and let the risers make them fit! 

Install Organizer Holder over Your Cabinet Doors

A great example from kitchensource.com, your cabinet doors can be an advantage if you add an organizer holder. With one open and a squeak, you’ll see your spice bottles, tools, and other kitchen items secretly secured! 

Invest On Putting Rotating Turntables

Turntables will not just give easy access to your spices, ingredients, and other kitchen stuff but also prevent spills and disarrangements when your kiddos are scanning through kitchen items. This design from Find Organizers That Fit is a perfect example of a neat and effective storage solution for your spices, kitchen tools, and gadgets!

There is a sea of kitchen items that we can settle in our kitchen. However, the hurdle knocks when your space is limited. But with these 20 amazing kitchen storage ideas we have shared, your kitchen will be your next favorite spot in your house!