If lighthouses are essential to sailing ships, so are the light fixtures in your kitchen. No matter how modern or elegant the design that you have for your kitchen, if there is no proper lighting, it would be such a waste. Remember that light can make things bright, but gorgeous light fixtures will give life to your kitchen! 

In this article, we’ll give a solution to your dim and boring-looking kitchen by sharing with you these twenty gorgeous light fixtures! There’s no way you can’t get inspiration for your kitchen remodeling mission because each of these will make you wish you have plenty of space to install them! 


1. Chandeliers

You can never go wrong with chandeliers because they’re one of the most gorgeous light fixtures. This Dark Mocha Ribbon Chandelier by Franklin Iron Works is an example of a contemporary and admirable light fixture for kitchens.



You will definitely choose this if you are a fan of art and metals. And it will perfectly illuminate your kitchen if you will pair it with a 60-watts Milky 6W LED Dimmable bulb. 


2. Steel Light Fixture

Who says you can’t get gorgeous light fixtures with steel? This black Manhattan kitchen will prove to you that steel has something good to offer for your kitchen! It is simple yet gives a striking impression for it blends well with almost any interior design.



Steel lighting has a strong appeal for people who love handcrafted stuff and timeless beauty for their kitchen. And if you’re looking for a professional to help you get a customized steel light for your lovely kitchen, Steel Lighting Company got your back! 


3. Vintage Brass Light Fixture

This Mansonville Aged Brass Pendant Light uses a 75-watts incandescent bulb. So if you thought it’s too small to illuminate your kitchen, you’ll think twice after turning it on.



Installing this in your kitchen, especially if your kitchen’s interior is filled with elegant stuff, is a good idea because it will complete the classy look of your kitchen. All thanks to Hudson Valley Lighting for creating this wonderful piece of art. 


4. Cage Light Fixture

This Curated Nomad Westlake Seagrass Shade is one of the gorgeous light fixtures you’ll ever see! Looking at it will give you a homey feeling.



It is ideal for homes neighboring the coastal areas or nature lovers. The cage or shade is made from organic seas grass and the body frame is powder-coated with iron to ensure its durability. 


5. Glass Pendant 

Designed by Finnish Design Shop, this Miira 1 Pendant, brass comes in five beautiful colors that will match your standard in glass light fixtures!



You can choose from smoke, clear, blue, purple, and amber. They are perfect for small and medium kitchens. But if you live with the philosophy of simplicity is beauty, this is your perfect option! 

6. Polished Brass Sconce

Do you wish to have a luxurious-looking dining kitchen? Then this Nuvo Lighting Polished Brass Sconce will surely delight you and your guest’s eyes when you show off your kitchen. 



It will perfectly light up your kitchen with its 60-watts incandescent bulb and has a classy polished brass finish that you will like! 


7. Plaster Cone Hanging Light

Designed by Rose Uniacke this Plaster Cone Hanging Light belongs to the line of gorgeous light fixtures. It is completely handmade from plaster and glass powder.



It is carefully moulded, dried, and trimmed to achieve perfection in appearance. Its snow-white color will perfectly blend even on white interiors, giving your kitchen a clean and sophisticated look.


8. Ceramic Pendant

If your love for ceramic items is unbeatable, then this Replica Pleat Box Pendant Lamp by Lucretia is the perfect one for you.



It offers four beautiful shades like blue, gray, red, and clay and a white ceramic outer layer. Its design alone doesn’t need more embellishment because it can stand out.


9. Globular Wicker Pendant Light Shade

How do you like a natural-looking light fixture in your kitchen? This Globular Wicker Pendant Light Shade will excite your refined taste.



It is made up of woven bamboo fiber and is carefully handmade so you can be sure that it is made to satisfy your elegant taste.


10. Custom-Made Light Fixture

To have gorgeous light fixtures that are one of a kind in design and features, you need to seek help from professionals.



And when it comes to functionality and appearance, there’s one trusted name, the Luxe Lighting Company. So if you want proof, let this beautiful lamp from Luxe Lighting touch your imagination and give you an impression of an upside-down flower from a fantasy world. 


11. Lampshade Style Pendant 

Shades of Light has something big to offer when it comes to gorgeous light fixtures. Just look at this Natural Maple Wood Shade Convertible Pendant, it features a mid-century design inspired by the 50s and 60s house interior.



You will love the fact that it is convertible, efficient, and no doubt appealing to the eyes. 


12. Rustic Island Light Fixture

How about something rustic for your kitchen? This Heritage Bronze Kitchen Island Light Chandelier by Franklin Iron Works is inspired by a sophisticated candelabra design.



It is ideal for kitchen islands for it perfectly illuminates, delivers style, and warmth. Doesn’t this sound comforting to you? 


13. Ceiling Lights

Once again, Shades of Light proved that your kitchen’s ceiling is boring without this Sereno Deco Ceiling Light. It offers three elegant colors like seagrass, raw brass, and white glass.



Some of its parts are made with natural materials that are handcrafted and blended with carefully.


14. Sculpted Light Fixtures 

Eat and cook inside the royale kitchen. This is what Feiss Chateau Mocha Bronze Twelve Light Chandelier can make you feel by looking at it.



But what more if you have this in your kitchen? Its design is enough to make anyone look, especially your guests. 


15. Floral Light Fixture 

Roses are red, violets are blue, once you see this light fixture, you won’t think it’s true. This is what you might say if you see the Corbett Jasmine Wide Gold Leaf LED Floral Pendant Light by Lamps Plus.



It comes with a dimmable 64-watt LED module and is hand-crafted. And there are only two words you can say after installing this in your kitchen, “undeniably elegant!”. 


16. Antique Light Fixture

This wide antique gold pendant light, Possini Euro Jane, will wake your love for antiques. By observing it, it’s easy to guess that it is inspired by a starburst in the galaxy.



Making your kitchen area well-lighted and looking fabulous!  


17. Saucer Type Pendant 

Finished with brushed nickel trim and white, this Saucer Criss Cross Bubble Pendant will make sure that your kitchen will look inviting and comfortable.



Not just because of its 1952 design by George Nelson but also its amazing function. 


18. Pendant Light 

You are not to blame if you’re not interested in ceiling lights and other types of lights.



But if you see this Anoli 1 pendant, small, gold design from Luxe Lighting Company, you might want to immediately install it and show it off to your friends. 


19. Polished Nickel Light Fixture

Who would have thought that polished nickel will look good in your kitchen? Well, this Savoy House Turner is massive and intelligent comes with a chain to make it look more dramatic and amazing at the same time.



It uses four 60-watts candelabra base bubs so to ideally illuminate your kitchen as well as beautify it! 


There are different light fixtures that you can install in our kitchen. And in this article, instead of sticking to your plain-looking lights, we gave you options you can consider to get the gorgeous light fixtures you’ve been dreaming to have. We hope that with these options, you can help you choose better for your kitchen remodeling.