Welcome to the Perfect Kitchen Remodel

Whether you are simply touching up your kitchen or doing a full professional remodel, this site has been created to make every step of your life easier.

Choosing the right appliances, tiles, stone, benchtops or splashbacks are only some of the things to consider when undertaking a remodel project.

There are also considerations around timing of the project, trends and longevity of the style and design to bear in mind.

So that is what The Perfect Kitchen Remodel aims to solve. Simplifying your dream kitchen remodel.

The heart of any home is in the kitchen, at least in my opinion, and that is why I strive to serve anyone wanting to make this their kitchen the pride and centre of their home.



About Alan

I am a chef by trade but I got into the world of beautiful kitchens, design and appliances many years ago by way of cookery and food demonstrations on state of the art new appliances.

Along the way though I developed a love for the aesthetics of beautiful design and how it pertains to kitchens.

I follow the latest in everything ‘kitchen’ related in the world and online and talk to many manufacturers, designers, kitchen contractors and other experts all the time and bring that information back here to Perfect Kitchen Remodel to help the world eat, cook and entertain in a space they love.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss anything, maybe an opportunity or collaboration or maybe to appear on a podcast with you or simply to help you with your decision making, please get in touch via the contact page.

Please feel free to get a free copy of the Kitchen Remodel Blueprint