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If you entrust your quote request to us you can do so with 100% peace of mind that our kitchen contractor design partners are the very best in the business
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Every single industry partner that we collaborate with has been through our detailed and extensive vetting process. 

We will only ever work with people that meet these strict requirements.

The Perfect Kitchen Remodel lives by the mission that the Kitchen is the heart of every home and must be perfect to the owners of the home’.

To achieve this we strive every day to showcase the very best in kitchen renovating news, tips and reviews, it is the ethos that we stand by.

… so in saying that, we will only ever work with partners that believe the same as we do.

Kitchen Remodel Design

We expect our accredited partners to adhere to the following before they are accepted into our preferred referral plan:

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  • They strive to maintain as close to a full five star review standard across all credible platforms.
  • They believe in word-of-mouth being the gold standard and strive to make this backbone of referrals. We all know that a business that is showing great word-of-mouth referrals is always an industry leader.
  • They have a policy of putting client facing communication first and an unfailing system that makes sure your call, texts and emails are responded to and you are updated about your quote or various stages of your remodel to a 100% satisfaction.
  • We expect our partners to actively strive for a net promoter score of 8 or above, meaning, all clients, when asked to score from 1 – 10 whether they would refer the partner to a friend, the score is 8 or higher.
  • They have a work culture that believes in producing the highest quality and creating delighted clients who love their new ‘Heart of their home’

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