Finding the right kitchen refrigerator to buy is almost like buying a car. You consider the number of your family members to check its capacity; You try to fix it after several years of service when it’s apt to get maintenance, and finally replace it when repairs are getting more expensive than buying a new one. You want to save yourself from the hassle and stress when it suddenly breaks down and stops running. 

Refrigerator is one of those appliances that we do not often purchase…yes! the same as a car. And buying one is a decision that you have to live with for years that’s why it’s important to make the right one. To avoid mistakes, here are some expert advice in finding the right kitchen refrigerator. 

Finding the Right Kitchen Refrigerator Tips Direct from the Experts!

Consider your budget.

Investing in a quality fridge without freezing your bank account is a smart decision. After all, a fridge has only one practical function the same as cellphones do no matter how fast the technology upgrades. Identify the specific need you are looking for like energy efficiency, durability, and overall performance. Set a budget range that is comfortable for you and sticks to the most important features that you want for a fridge. 


Get the appropriate size.

Knowing the kitchen layout and the size of the refrigerator will occupy are some of the things you must consider in finding the right kitchen refrigerator.  You want to make sure that it will fit in the alcove you are saving it for. Measurement is key for proper balance and accurate dimensions. 

These factors will help you decide whether you can upgrade to a bigger fridge or retain the compact model. The standard dimensions of refrigerators range from 28 to 39 inches in width, 61 to 71 inches in height, and 28 to 34 inches in depth. Make sure that you also take into account the space it will take when you open the fridge door. You don’t want to scratch or damage it every time you open it to get a can of beer or soda. 


Select the right type of fridge.

Selecting the right type of fridge depends on the space where you want it installed. Once you identify this need, you can select from the different types of refrigerators available in the market. 

  • Standard Depth Fridge is the most common type of fridge most of us grew up with. It has varying styles, though, generally, it is freestanding with 70inches in height and between 30-34 inches in width. This type has plenty of storage spaces and is mostly preferred by homeowners and business owners alike. Some of the popular brands for standard depth refrigerators rated by consumers are LG, Westinghouse, Haier, Fisher and Paykel, and Chiq. 
  • A built-in fridge is a great option if you want a slick and stylish look. Its seamless and customized design can elevate a posh style to your kitchen though, it means you need to save up for the extra cost. It is taller and wider than the standard refrigerator and mostly required professional installation. 
  • Counter-Depth Fridge is shallower than the standard fridge. It also looks like a built-in refrigerator however the fridge box is almost the same height as the countertop and blends into the counter space.  AJ Madison, an appliance dealer, releases their top 5 counter depth fridge for the year 2021, but you can always opt for older models if they are more suitable for your specific criteria. 

  • Mini Fridge is the more suitable option for office, dorm, or where space is quite limited. The average dimensions of the under-the-counter mini fridge are 24.3 inches in length, 23.9inches in width, and 33.95 in height. Popular Brands preferred by buyers are Whirlpool, Frigidaire, and Thermador. 


Pick the style blends in your kitchen.

Finding the right kitchen refrigerator is like choosing the car model you like to drive whether it’s a Camry or a Sting Ray Coupe. It sometimes reflects your own personality. And the style of fridge you choose can also reflects the personality you want for your kitchen.

  • Top Freezer is the traditional model of the fridge we are all familiar with where the freezer is on top while other food storages are in the middle and bottom compartments. Cnet Home features a buying guide with a wide range of costs between $479 to 2,199.  This fridge is best suitable for the budget-conscious shopper who looks for function and is not too flashy.
  • Bottom Freezer is the identical twin of the Top Freezer. If you are looking for something simple yet slightly different from the traditional style, then this might be perfect for you. Although, access to a freezer might be a little hard especially with those who have back pains since you have to stoop down a bit to get your frozen ingredients. It costs between $999 to $1,899 and is slightly bigger in depth and height.
  • Side by Side is a compact model with 2-doors that opens right in the middle. The narrow doors are suitable for a small kitchen and will not require a full width when opening the fridge door. It costs between $1,144 to $3,099 with a freezer from top to bottom. 
  • French Door is a combination of style and functionality. It’s a twin-door model with a bottom freezer. It is most popular among homeowners who like stocking up for groceries and food supplies because the French door fridge can simply hold that much with its storage capacity and highly advanced features. It costs between $1,599 to $3,999 and can be even steeper if you want to customize a built-in installation. 


Choose the right finish. 

The exciting part of finding the right kitchen refrigerator is choosing for color and finish that will complement your kitchen style. The latest trends on kitchen appliances offer a variety of finishes that will instantly give your kitchen a facelift. GE Appliances showcase high-gloss to matte finishes and basic black to stainless steel for a neutral and stylish tone. 


Take the storage and capacity into account.

Finding the right kitchen refrigerator depends on the specific purposes you are looking for. Do you need it for your business? Do you stock plenty of meat? Do you need more room for fruits for your new diet? Most modern refrigerators have sliding shelving and adjustable bin so they can be easily removed for cleaning and organizing. Sometimes, the molded plastic shelves have a stopper on the edge that prevents drips and liquid spills from contaminating the food stored at the bottom.  Generally, the top freezer model has more flexibility in terms of storage space compared to other model types. Since the freezer is at eye level, it provides easier access to stored food. You can quickly close the fridge door and consume less energy. 


Check the hinge of the fridge door. 

It’s always good to have a sharp eye on detail. Checking the hinge of the Fridge door is important to ensure that you can rely on its function to shut the fridge door smoothly and tightly. Modern fridge doors are mostly reversible. This is good news for left-handed users.  While common fridge doors are hinged on the right (it means the refrigerator opens from left to right), the hinged can be reversed to the left where you can open the refrigerator from right to left. 


Find out about the features.

Most modern refrigerators have advanced built-in features. Thanks to modern technology you can have a compact or high-end fridge with energy-saving and auto-defrost features. Others have built-in deodorizer and anti-bacterial features that eliminate odor and prevent molds to breed inside the fridge. Make sure to ask these specifications the next time you go to the appliance showroom to buy a fridge. 


Weigh your options from standard to smart fridge.

Before buying a refrigerator, know about the latest trend in kitchen appliances.  You may want to upgrade from using the standard to the latest smart fridge. After all, technology is supposed to make our lives easier. For example, the LG InstaView has an ice and water dispenser on its left door. While on the right is a unique and clever feature that allows you to see the food, drink, or whatever is inside without opening the fridge. By simply tapping the door panel, it will automatically switch into a see-through window panel. And voila! 


Choose a reliable brand.

A little research will help you narrow down your options. Compare at least 2 or 3 brands that you trust and carry the features that are most important to you. Some of the popular brands known for producing reliable refrigerators are Frigidaire, LG, Samsung, GE Appliance, KitchenAid, Whirpool, and more. 


Ask for the warranty coverage.

Most major appliances are covered with a one-year warranty. It is good to confirm the warranty attached to your purchase before paying it to the counter. Make sure you are adequately covered in the event of damage or unit repair? For how long? Other brand companies offer extended warranty for a certain fixed price which has more beneficial coverage like parts and labor. You may explore the details on this and ask the salesperson assigned to the appliance center where you plan to buy your new fridge.