10 Kitchen Design Trends To Expect in 2021

10 Kitchen Design Trends To Expect in 2021

Anyone looking at kitchen design in 2021 will see two specific themes at play. These themes present a difficult choice between rustic and warm or sleek and modern. At the center of the debate, there is the question of how a kitchen should be used. We may want to ensure that it is hygienic and efficient – a theme that might only increase as we move into next year. Or, some may want their kitchen to continue as an inviting, living space. A space that is both fun and picturesque. Whichever side you fall on, here are ten kitchen remodeling tips that can help you bring warmth or elegance to your design.

Hardware – Brass or Brushed Steel?

Brass hardware once fell into the faux-vintage style very popular in the 1980s. but it could look cheap and tacky, often down to designers trying to emulate opulence. But brass has made a comeback since late 2019. Makers of hardware have avoided the sheen of 80s brass and opted for its more natural, mellow hue. This has given brass fittings a more warm and inviting feel. If you are looking for something more minimalistic and functional, then you should consider brushed steel. As with many examples of the ‘sleek and modern’ in this list, brushed steel hardware draws its inspiration from functionality. It is brutalist, full of raw, natural drama, and reminiscent of a working kitchen.

Natural Textures

Naturalistic material extends to other areas of the kitchen. This has included unvarnished wood paneling and cupboard doors, book-matched marble tiling, and upcycled, unpainted storage crates. The subtle variations of each unique material draw the eye, and there is a sensory, tactile element to the variation as well. A mix of carefully chosen materials adds a sense of contrast if you are looking for depth in each element.

Muted and Dark Colors

As popular as white kitchens remain, many designers are choosing subtle shades for their upholstery and surfaces. This can range from a dramatic but rich hunter green or navy, earth tones such as chocolate or muted mustard. For those looking for a sense of coolness of the scale colors like oyster white and blue-green for their tiling or floor.

Contrast and Color Pops

With a delicate color scheme, be it with shades of white or a flourish of marine, you can make a memorable statement by offering a little bold color. This might be as simple as a careful selection of colored cookbooks or utensils in bold colors like fiesta red or lemon yellow. Others have praised the use of bold colors when it comes to window or door frames as a subtle, unobtrusive way to brighten up the kitchen.

Off-Set Shapes

A lot of the design trends over the past decade have drawn a lot from the Scandinavian obsession with geometry. Traditional kitchen designers have focused on color palettes and grand symmetry and ostentation. In contrast, modern design has focused on the joy of shape itself and how to play with simple shapes in unconventional ways. This might be an L-shaped kitchen island or a more ambitious angled breakfast bar, geometric, offset cabinetry for a futuristic feel.

Statement Hoods

These made an impact over the past couple of years but 2020 has seen some playful innovations when it comes to shape and material. Materials that have been popular have included steel, or even natural wood housing around the vents. A little natural shading works well – coal-black or pine if you want to complement a warm kitchen aesthetic. Shape-wise, there have been some bold ideas that have gone beyond the trapezium. One that has taken off is the cylindrical hood. Whilst the idea is not new to kitchen remodeling, it is an elegant addition to a sleek kitchen. They can also be easily mounted or realigned, and doubled up. The same is true of the Chandelier style extraction canopy, which both draws the eye with a flash of glamor and serves its function effortlessly.

Performance Counter Tops

In the theme of ‘sleek and functional’, the high-performance countertop has become a firm favorite in kitchen design. The counter is the central point of a kitchen and states the theme for the rest of the decor. If you are to have a cool, functional theme across the room, then a simple nano-glass top in white will resist stains and reflect light. High-performance need not always be cold. Though marble has divided opinion at times, it retains a consistent value in interior design. Picked carefully, a colored marble with a striking grain pattern can liven up and add richness to your color scheme. Some good examples of this include Swedish Green or even a salmon and rose Etowah.

Bold Backsplashes

You can also use marble if you are looking for a dynamic backsplash. A single slab can look magnificent if chosen carefully. If you want to produce a wonderfully dramatic contrast, couple your features with a pronounced grain marble backsplash. Examples of marble where this can work effectively, are Lilac Marble and Negro Marquina. Beyond marble, if you want an assuredly warm backsplash, you might choose terracotta tiling. The rustic Mediterranean style has waned in recent years. But terracotta can be used to fit in with modern farmhouse aesthetics if paired with warm-toned cupboards and upholstery. This can also fit in with the Scandi Hygge aesthetic as well.

Pronounced Lighting Features

Light fittings in kitchens need not be hidden or tucked away anymore. Designers have harnessed a wonderful surge of creativity over the past year when it comes to how lighting fixtures are presented. In 2020, designers have embraced vintage-style brass light fittings, extraordinary overhead lighting rails, or pendant lights with decadent encasements. This extends to lamps as well as overhead lighting. The designer lamp is no longer relegated to the lounge but has now made its way to the breakfast bar and the counter-top. It brings an added layer of warmth and charm to a kitchen and claims it is a ‘lived-in’ space. A space where, after the cooking is done, you can relax with a coffee and a cookbook as the evening sets in.

French Provincial Furniture

The idea of a ‘lived-in’ kitchen may not appeal to those who admire simplicity and functionality. But for those who want to bring a palatial accent to their space, it is worth investing in some character furniture. Luckily a lot can be bought secondhand and reupholstered with very little fuss. Some examples, such as weathered kitchen benches or mismatching kitchen table chairs give an impression that is at once classy and rustic. If you are looking to keep some formality to your kitchen, the key is uniformity. You may find examples of Chateau furniture sets that can be painted and reupholstered to match your surfaces and fittings. Lighter colors here, especially shades of white will give you that classic Hamptons feel. This can extend to pantry shelving as well as breakfast bar stools or kitchen table seating.
STOP! Top 10 Considerations Before Choosing A Rangehood To Buy

STOP! Top 10 Considerations Before Choosing A Rangehood To Buy

In the ongoing health care crisis that we are all facing there is no such thing as too clean or too safe. The kitchen range hood may be overlooked, but it plays a significant role in keeping our family safe even at home. 

Having a good ventilation system eliminates odor and other air pollutants that can cause throat irritation and other airborne diseases. It improves the quality of air that circulates the kitchen and home. It helps control air temperature and keeps you cool while cooking.

These are just some benefits that are worth investing in. But before you run to get one, make sure you explore these top 10 considerations before choosing a range hood to buy. 


1. Kitchen Layout

Your kitchen layout is the fundamental factor whenever you consider remodeling your kitchen or buying a range hood for that matter. It indicates the range of space you can work on to have a perfectly fitted hood in your kitchen. The standard height of the hood to mount above your cooktop is between 24 – 30 inches.

This may vary depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations. It may also depend on the configuration whether it is mounted on the wall or under the cabinet. For a kitchen with a high ceiling, you may need a chimney extension for your range hood. So, knowing your kitchen well is an important consideration before choosing a range hood to buy.  


2. Budget

You want to get the best quality range hood that will do its job without sucking the life off your wallet. Set aside a flexible budget that you can play around with. Include the installation fee into the equation. Identify certain features that are non-negotiable to you and that your range hood must have such as material, airflow, heat sensor, automatic shut off, etc.

Consider the maintenance and make sure that you are buying something that is easy to clean or can easily be repaired or that parts will be available in case you need replacement because of damage.

Most major appliances are covered with a one-year warranty, and sometimes they offer an extended warranty for a certain cost that covers parts and labor. You can also include this in your budget if you find it value-adding. 

3. Trusted Brand

One of the considerations before choosing a range hood to buy is the brand that gains your trust and confidence. Do your research among known brands for manufacturing quality range hoods and compare their prices and product features before you visit the store.

There are wide selections of local and imported brands you can choose from. To help you find the brand you might like, check out our blog about Range Hood Expert Buying Guide: Brands That Matter

4. Ducted vs. Duct-Free Range Hood

The range hood has two types of exhaust systems – ducted and duct-free.  The ducted system or also called the vented system uses a channel from the interior of the kitchen to vent the air away to the exterior of the house or building. It is ideal for commercial kitchens or homes that have bigger space. It sucks up the steam and odor into filtration and vents it to the exhaust system out of the kitchen. 

The duct-free or non-vented system uses a filter to absorb fumes and recirculates the air into the kitchen rather than channeling the air outside. It is ideal for small kitchen or condominium types of houses.  It is less efficient compare to the ducted system and requires more frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Yet, the duct-free exhaust is versatile and can be installed anywhere you find fit. The Installation process is also convenient and easier since it does not require any pipe or vent that reaches outside the house.  Considering its pros and cons will help you decide which type of exhaust system is more suitable for your kitchen. 

5. Range Hood Style 

The choice of material or finish should be on your list of considerations before choosing a range hood to buy.  Naturally, you want to choose the range hood that blends with the overall look of your kitchen.  Stainless steel can complement your modern kitchen and can match other appliances like a refrigerator, oven, toaster, or kettle.

There are hundreds of stylish kitchen hood ideas you can draw inspiration from. It could be a stainless wall mount hood that goes with your traditional white kitchen or you can be creative with a decorative chimney for a holiday theme. This can even create an instant highlight feature in your kitchen. 

6. Range Hood Size

The size of your range should be equal to or slightly bigger than the size of your stove. For Island range hood, make sure there are at least 3in. to 6.in overlap on each side.

If you have a big kitchen and you are using a double range, you might need a bigger hood like the 48in. to 60in. rectangular vent hood that covers the whole width of the range and at least 50% of the main burners. The bigger the coverage of the canopy of your hood means the better range it can reach to eliminate odor, fume, and grease in your kitchen. 

7. Range Hood Type

There are so many types of range hoods available in the market. Then again, your decision depends on the structural layout of your kitchen and all the other factors mentioned earlier. After weighing all these, whatever makes sense to you will be the most suitable choice for your kitchen.

For example, a chimney hood requires the height of the ceiling. An integrated type of hood is a space-saver and ideal for a  medium-sized kitchen. It is a stylish choice that looks like a top box above your stove giving you a seamless built-to-fit unit. For other types of range hoods, here’s the ultimate guide to kitchen extraction types.


8. Range Hood Strength

The power or the speed at which air is ventilated is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). You can simply interpret that the higher the CFM, the more powerful the rangehood in extracting smokes and fumes. The power or the fan speed are controlled in an adjustable setting, so you can regulate the CFM whenever required.

Although, the strength of CFM relates to the noise of the range hood. You can set it at regular speed if you are only doing some frying or light cooking.

9. Level of Noise

The level of noise depends on the power of the blower. Some owners can be particular about this factor and prefer a range hood that promises a quiet feature.

Still, experts advise choosing a model that draws the air and evenly distributed it to the edges of the range hood which helps reduce noise. If possible, take the range hood into a test run while you are in the showroom before checking it out on the counter. 

10. Features  

No range hood is the same and made equal like other things in life. And that’s the beauty of diversity. Some features may be available in the high-end model which may not be available in the compact model of the range hood. So, make sure you prioritize the factors that you consider most before choosing the one you want to buy. Some of the range hood features to consider are:


  • Fan Speed Setting is a 2 to 6 speed setting depending on the range hood model. It allows you to choose from a very low to a maximum high-speed setting. 


  • Thermostat Control is a built-in temperature sensor in some models that will automatically turn on the fan when it senses a high temperature beneath the hood.


  • The Filter indicator is a convenient feature that tells you when to change the filter or needs cleaning through a light alert. 


  • Exhaust Timer can be preset to automatically shut off the exhaust system.


Whatever type of hood you decide on, installing a range hood will not only have an impact on the physical attributes of your kitchen, but most of all, contribute to the welfare of the important people in your life. 

The Right Faucet For Your Kitchen: A Must-Know

The Right Faucet For Your Kitchen: A Must-Know

It is the little things that matter especially when it comes to our kitchen. The color scheme, the texture of the floor, or the choice of light, these little things that catches our eyes deserved more planning and attention. That includes choosing the right faucet for your kitchen.

Deciding which type or design can take a few extra works, but seeing the picture in your mind of that deck-mounted shiny brass bridge faucet and how it completes your vintage farm kitchen is definitely worth the effort.

To know which is the right faucet for you, know about the basic parts and different types of faucets that will best suit your kitchen.

Basic Parts of the Faucet

1. Neck is the bent tube that carries the water to the spout. There are 3 different types of this part:

  • Standard is a very basic and simple type with no elaborate features. 
  • Goose Neck is a round arc that resembles the long neck of a goose, hence the name. It is 8inches in height but you can find other variations if you are looking for shorter or higher options. 
  • Bridge is characterized by an elaborate handle connected by a parallel bar that looks like a bridge. It is ideal for vintage-inspired design in both kitchens and lavatories. 

2. Handle is the lever that opens the valve and controls the water flow out of the spout. You can have 2 options for this so you can weigh their pros and cons.

  • Single handle is more installation-friendly since you only need to drill a single hole. It is a common choice of people who likes simple yet practical. It’s just a plain no-fuzz job of turning the water on and off.
  • Dual-Handle is stylish and can easily bring elegance to your kitchen sink. It offers better control of water temperature. Plus, it’s always good leverage to have a spare. A mindset that you can apply to your kitchen faucet. If one breaks down you still have another one that is fully functional. However, dual-handle faucets are not the easiest to install since you have to drill more holes for this fancy type. 

3. Spout is the opening part of the faucet where the water comes out which comes in different distinctive designs. For example, a straight spout is a simple low-hanging design that provides a long reach output and is usually use in the toilet sink. A Gooseneck spout is an elegant arc shape for cleaning dirty deep pots. A shepherd’s Crook is a classic design that offers visual drama while filling deep pots for the soup. 


Types of Faucets

  • Pull Down Faucet is a type of faucet based on the spout that you can retract, rotate, and extend to thoroughly wash your ingredients, pans, pot, and sink. It comes in a variety of materials and finishes such as brass, chrome, and stainless steel. It comes with a handy spray head that can well be a weapon for defense if somebody frightened you while your back is turned doing the dishes. This is a cool feature that you won’t be able to find in Pull Out faucet. Clearance will also not be a problem even when your sink gets overloaded with large pots and pans because the Pull-Down faucet can rotate between the range of 190° to 360°. This ergonomic design makes it popular and among household owners and makes the right faucet for your kitchen.


  • Pull-Out Faucet is a type of faucet with a handle that can be detached and pulled out by an extendable hose. It may look like a regular faucet, unlike the Pull-Down that generally appears tall with a curve tube structure.  It is ideal for those who have a small sink since the handle can be pulled out and helped you maneuver with ease. It may be quite similar to the Pull-Down faucet, but the Pull-Out faucet has an extendable handle that usually comes with a built-in button that provides effortless adjustment of water flow. 

  • Motion Detection Faucet is relatively the latest innovation in the tapware industry. Using this type of faucet, you literally have the power in your hands.  A gesture or simple hand motion can active this faucet. Then there is water! The sensor will also activate and release water flow when you place a cup or a pot under the tap. However, this innovation comes with a price (literally as well!) because it can be quite expensive. It is often used in hospitals and bathrooms to help prevent the spread of germs since it does not require physical contact to make it work. So, if convenience and health benefits outweigh the cost, it still makes the right faucet for your kitchen.

  • Separate-Spray Faucet can be a Buy-One-Add-One marketing campaign that you oftentimes fall into. They do that because either the product doesn’t sell much or is getting outdated. Separate-Spray faucet, as the name implies, is an additional spray faucet that comes with the main faucet itself which gives you the alternative to switch between the main faucet and the spray depending on the type of task you need to do. But either Pull-Out or Pull-Down Faucets can do the same job in simple installation with no additional hole to drill. Still, the Separate Spray faucet can be traditionally charming. It’s aesthetically pleasing and suitable for either a single or dual sink.

  • The Pot-Filler Faucet is characterized by an extended arm bracket that can swing over a pot or container. This unique type is suitable for a busy household or commercial setup. Most Pot-Filler faucets are mounted in the wall and linked to the plumbing system. It offers the convenience of preparing meals and avoid carrying big heavy pots from the sink to the stove. You can simply swivel the arm and fill the pot that is already on the stove. This doesn’t only make it the right faucet for your kitchen but it also makes it the most favorite faucet of soup and pasta chefs. 

Installation Type 

Installing the faucet depends on your preferred design and practical location to achieve proper functionality. You can install the faucets in two ways and know about their pros and cons.

  • Deck Mounted or also called Countertop mounted. It is easier to install and does not require drillings in the wall. It is also the most common type of installation for a faucet and provides easy access to the pipes if repair is needed since they are only hidden under the sink inside a cabinet.

  • Wall Mounted gives you a clean and less crowded space on your countertop. It requires proper installation with consideration on the tiling and the right depth of the faucet into the wall. 


Drop-In Kitchen Sink vs. Undermount Kitchen Sink

Drop-In Kitchen Sink vs. Undermount Kitchen Sink

There’s one place in our house where we can see the pile of dirty dishes and other kitchen utensils. We bet you can relate to the moments when you and your siblings played rock, paper, and scissors to determine the lucky dishwasher. Funny how you can imagine it, but this is a common scenario happening in your kitchen.  

But of course, time flies, and your kitchen sink deteriorate or go out of fashion. Making you realize to grab the opportunity to include this in your kitchen remodeling mission. Although different types of sinks can be installed, the battle between drop-in kitchen sink vs. undermount kitchen sink is what many of us consider. If you’re one of them, let this be your guide in choosing what’s best to apply! Now, shall we start? 

Why choose drop-in kitchen sink? 

In the tug of war between drop-in kitchen sink vs. undermount kitchen sink, your first choice may be the drop-in. Well, if you happened to buy a kitchen sink, you will notice its rim or what they call lips. Just like this beautiful kitchen by Signature Hardware shows off its elegant black kitchen sink made from granite composite. If you will choose the drop-in sink, you should expect that the lips will be visible on your countertop just like what you see in the picture. Let’s make it easy by giving you the pros and cons as well as the professionals that can help you with the installation. 


  • It is more economical because it doesn’t need much support for its rim helps in keeping it in place
  • Most of these sinks don’t need cast ironing but just silicone caulk and metal clip support
  • It sits flat on your countertop so cleaning it is much easier compared to the under-mount sink
  • The edges of your countertop are invisible 
  • They are more customizable compared to under-mount sinks
  • They can be made from stainless steel, granite, porcelain, or other stones
  • It is easier to install
  • It doesn’t need extra support unlike with under-mount sinks


  • The rim is visible to the naked eye
  • Unlike with under-mount, it takes much space in the countertop. 
  • They are usually heavy so you need to make sure that your countertop would be able to support them
  • This is not a good option if you have a small kitchen
  • You need to clean the edges blocking around it to make sure nothing gets stuck


The Friendly Professionals

The installation process and maintenance are not something you can easily do all by yourself, so here are the professionals you can call for help.

  • Airtasker – be it with your sink installation, maintenance, repair, house painting, plumbing, kitchen appliance repairs, this company will help you get through all these. They are trusted by different personalities for their commitment to service and giving satisfaction to every commercial or residential owner.
  •  Lucas Plumbing and Gas Solutions – if you’re on a limited budget, they are the ones who can help you. They are experts with gas and plumbing so you can rely on them in times of emergency or house renovations. They also do kitchen, bathroom renovations, gas services, and fixture installations. The good thing about them is they also supply sinks that you can use in your kitchen. They offer under-mount, top-mount, island bar, double basin, corner, integrated, and drainboard sinks.  So expect that your kitchen will look greater than before after they apply their expertise. 
  • Quintessential Plumbing – this company is trusted for its great plumbing services. They can help you with the installation, repair, and maintenance. Each of their tradesmen is high-trained professionals who are engaged in giving satisfactory results to every project given. They use the latest technology and tools to help you achieve your dream kitchen sink. 


Why choose undermount kitchen sink?

Choosing under-mount between drop-in kitchen sink vs. undermount kitchen sink is also a great idea. And just to show you how classy it would look on your countertop. here’s a kitchen inspiration with an under-mount sink from Vellamo Terra installed on a countertop. The color of its faucet as well as the sink goes well with the solid countertop. It looks clean and glamorous at the same time, making it a perfect addition to almost every kitchen. But why is it a boss move to choose this? Here are the facts that that would help you decide. 


  • The lip is invisible in the naked eye
  • It gives more space in the kitchen
  • Perfect for small kitchens, contemporary, or minimalist type of kitchen
  • They seamlessly fit in almost every kitchen 
  • They come in different designs and are made from different materials
  • It offers a wide selection in design, texture, color, size, and feature
  • This will give you more ideas to customize your kitchen’s sink like changing the position of your faucet
  • They are so easy to clean because the rim is hidden
  • They never go out of style


  • You will spend time cleaning the gap in its edges with a toothbrush because it traps food residue.
  • Food build-ups will be a constant problem 
  • You need a sturdy countertop to install this like those made from natural stones, quartz, granite, or other solid surfaces. 
  • The edges of your kitchen’s countertop are exposed
  • Requires special adhesive, sturdy metal clips, and caulk to keep it in place
  • You need to replace the caulk every after three years to prevent rotting due to food build-up
  • You need to seek help from a professional in installing this type of sink because if not, it would be a total failure.
  • Without sturdy support, this will crash down in your kitchen 
  • The installation will take a few hours to complete 
  • They are more expensive compare to drop-in sinks

The Friendly Professionals

Undermount sinks will look great in your kitchen. However, you’ll be needing help from professionals if you want to have a successful installation. And to help you with that, here are your options.

  • ProGroup – kitchen remodeling and appliance installation are easy for ProGroup. They offer services like kitchen altercations, cooktop installation, installation for freestanding cookers, range hoods, stone benchtops, pantries, and dishwashers. Here, you can get the quality and design that will please your standards. The good thing about them is you can consult online and get a quotation to help you get an idea of how much your kitchen project would cost. 
  • National Plumbing – offers reliable services like general plumbing, maintenance, and emergency repairs. With just one call, they’ll be right at your door in just a few minutes. They can also help you with leaking issues, blocked drainage, hot water, toilet repairs, roof repair, and does inspection. They ensure high-quality service for a price you can afford! 
  • Omega Services – this company boasts its fast and dependable service. They provide satisfactory results with every service they offer. And if you have issues with the mess after work, feel free to know that their tradesmen clean up the mess and wear boot covers to keep your place tidy. As for their services offer hot water, drains, heating, electrical, air conditioning, and plumbing services. 


Between the battle of drop-in kitchen sink vs. undermount kitchen sink, we can feel confused if we don’t know their pros and cons. Both of them will do in the kitchen. However, we hope that you can tell the difference and find the suitable one for your kitchen countertop with the information we have provided! 

20 Gorgeous Light Fixtures That Will Transform Your Kitchen

20 Gorgeous Light Fixtures That Will Transform Your Kitchen

If lighthouses are essential to sailing ships, so are the light fixtures in your kitchen. No matter how modern or elegant the design that you have for your kitchen, if there is no proper lighting, it would be such a waste. Remember that light can make things bright, but gorgeous light fixtures will give life to your kitchen! 

In this article, we’ll give a solution to your dim and boring-looking kitchen by sharing with you these twenty gorgeous light fixtures! There’s no way you can’t get inspiration for your kitchen remodeling mission because each of these will make you wish you have plenty of space to install them! 


1. Chandeliers

You can never go wrong with chandeliers because they’re one of the most gorgeous light fixtures. This Dark Mocha Ribbon Chandelier by Franklin Iron Works is an example of a contemporary and admirable light fixture for kitchens.



You will definitely choose this if you are a fan of art and metals. And it will perfectly illuminate your kitchen if you will pair it with a 60-watts Milky 6W LED Dimmable bulb. 


2. Steel Light Fixture

Who says you can’t get gorgeous light fixtures with steel? This black Manhattan kitchen will prove to you that steel has something good to offer for your kitchen! It is simple yet gives a striking impression for it blends well with almost any interior design.



Steel lighting has a strong appeal for people who love handcrafted stuff and timeless beauty for their kitchen. And if you’re looking for a professional to help you get a customized steel light for your lovely kitchen, Steel Lighting Company got your back! 


3. Vintage Brass Light Fixture

This Mansonville Aged Brass Pendant Light uses a 75-watts incandescent bulb. So if you thought it’s too small to illuminate your kitchen, you’ll think twice after turning it on.



Installing this in your kitchen, especially if your kitchen’s interior is filled with elegant stuff, is a good idea because it will complete the classy look of your kitchen. All thanks to Hudson Valley Lighting for creating this wonderful piece of art. 


4. Cage Light Fixture

This Curated Nomad Westlake Seagrass Shade is one of the gorgeous light fixtures you’ll ever see! Looking at it will give you a homey feeling.



It is ideal for homes neighboring the coastal areas or nature lovers. The cage or shade is made from organic seas grass and the body frame is powder-coated with iron to ensure its durability. 


5. Glass Pendant 

Designed by Finnish Design Shop, this Miira 1 Pendant, brass comes in five beautiful colors that will match your standard in glass light fixtures!



You can choose from smoke, clear, blue, purple, and amber. They are perfect for small and medium kitchens. But if you live with the philosophy of simplicity is beauty, this is your perfect option! 

6. Polished Brass Sconce

Do you wish to have a luxurious-looking dining kitchen? Then this Nuvo Lighting Polished Brass Sconce will surely delight you and your guest’s eyes when you show off your kitchen. 



It will perfectly light up your kitchen with its 60-watts incandescent bulb and has a classy polished brass finish that you will like! 


7. Plaster Cone Hanging Light

Designed by Rose Uniacke this Plaster Cone Hanging Light belongs to the line of gorgeous light fixtures. It is completely handmade from plaster and glass powder.



It is carefully moulded, dried, and trimmed to achieve perfection in appearance. Its snow-white color will perfectly blend even on white interiors, giving your kitchen a clean and sophisticated look.


8. Ceramic Pendant

If your love for ceramic items is unbeatable, then this Replica Pleat Box Pendant Lamp by Lucretia is the perfect one for you.



It offers four beautiful shades like blue, gray, red, and clay and a white ceramic outer layer. Its design alone doesn’t need more embellishment because it can stand out.


9. Globular Wicker Pendant Light Shade

How do you like a natural-looking light fixture in your kitchen? This Globular Wicker Pendant Light Shade will excite your refined taste.



It is made up of woven bamboo fiber and is carefully handmade so you can be sure that it is made to satisfy your elegant taste.


10. Custom-Made Light Fixture

To have gorgeous light fixtures that are one of a kind in design and features, you need to seek help from professionals.



And when it comes to functionality and appearance, there’s one trusted name, the Luxe Lighting Company. So if you want proof, let this beautiful lamp from Luxe Lighting touch your imagination and give you an impression of an upside-down flower from a fantasy world. 


11. Lampshade Style Pendant 

Shades of Light has something big to offer when it comes to gorgeous light fixtures. Just look at this Natural Maple Wood Shade Convertible Pendant, it features a mid-century design inspired by the 50s and 60s house interior.



You will love the fact that it is convertible, efficient, and no doubt appealing to the eyes. 


12. Rustic Island Light Fixture

How about something rustic for your kitchen? This Heritage Bronze Kitchen Island Light Chandelier by Franklin Iron Works is inspired by a sophisticated candelabra design.



It is ideal for kitchen islands for it perfectly illuminates, delivers style, and warmth. Doesn’t this sound comforting to you? 


13. Ceiling Lights

Once again, Shades of Light proved that your kitchen’s ceiling is boring without this Sereno Deco Ceiling Light. It offers three elegant colors like seagrass, raw brass, and white glass.



Some of its parts are made with natural materials that are handcrafted and blended with carefully.


14. Sculpted Light Fixtures 

Eat and cook inside the royale kitchen. This is what Feiss Chateau Mocha Bronze Twelve Light Chandelier can make you feel by looking at it.



But what more if you have this in your kitchen? Its design is enough to make anyone look, especially your guests. 


15. Floral Light Fixture 

Roses are red, violets are blue, once you see this light fixture, you won’t think it’s true. This is what you might say if you see the Corbett Jasmine Wide Gold Leaf LED Floral Pendant Light by Lamps Plus.



It comes with a dimmable 64-watt LED module and is hand-crafted. And there are only two words you can say after installing this in your kitchen, “undeniably elegant!”. 


16. Antique Light Fixture

This wide antique gold pendant light, Possini Euro Jane, will wake your love for antiques. By observing it, it’s easy to guess that it is inspired by a starburst in the galaxy.



Making your kitchen area well-lighted and looking fabulous!  


17. Saucer Type Pendant 

Finished with brushed nickel trim and white, this Saucer Criss Cross Bubble Pendant will make sure that your kitchen will look inviting and comfortable.



Not just because of its 1952 design by George Nelson but also its amazing function. 


18. Pendant Light 

You are not to blame if you’re not interested in ceiling lights and other types of lights.



But if you see this Anoli 1 pendant, small, gold design from Luxe Lighting Company, you might want to immediately install it and show it off to your friends. 


19. Polished Nickel Light Fixture

Who would have thought that polished nickel will look good in your kitchen? Well, this Savoy House Turner is massive and intelligent comes with a chain to make it look more dramatic and amazing at the same time.



It uses four 60-watts candelabra base bubs so to ideally illuminate your kitchen as well as beautify it! 


There are different light fixtures that you can install in our kitchen. And in this article, instead of sticking to your plain-looking lights, we gave you options you can consider to get the gorgeous light fixtures you’ve been dreaming to have. We hope that with these options, you can help you choose better for your kitchen remodeling.


Choose The Right Kitchen Sink And Faucet: Here’s A Clear Guide For You

Choose The Right Kitchen Sink And Faucet: Here’s A Clear Guide For You

One of the most important parts of the kitchen is the sink and faucet. There is no debate on this because many of us can relate to its vital function. This is where our food preparation starts and ends. From cleaning the fresh ingredients, kitchen wares, and sanitizing the kitchen surroundings, this is where we run to. 

You can see different kitchen inspirations on magazines and different platforms, but is it the right kitchen sink and faucet to install in your kitchen?  You are of the fact that not because it looks fancy or modern instantly means it’s applicable. Luckily, here’s a guide that we’ll be sharing with you to help you choose what’s right for your kitchen!


Gold Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

The right kitchen sink and faucet should give you space for cleaning kitchen materials and ingredients as well as an additional statement to your kitchen. This Gold Double Bowl Kitchen Sink by Lavello is a good example of that.

Putting this in your kitchen will add elegance and design. This is perfect for medium and large kitchens. It is an example of an environmentally- friendly PVC sink that is equipped with sound-absorbing technology that can withstand vibrations and reduce noise. Its classy gold coating is made with high-tech nanotechnology.

What makes this suitable is that it can be installed on your kitchen benchtop or laundry area.  And if you want to have this soon, you may want to check it out on TAP & SINK


Black Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

The black color effortlessly gives an elegant look. Just like this Black Double Bowl Kitchen Sink installed on the kitchen in a marble countertop. This is the right kitchen sink and faucet to choose from if you want both class and simplicity.

The internal edges of this sink are hand-crafted to ensure its quality and function. Its design can avoid residue build-up as well as grimes which helps in reducing your cleaning time in the kitchen. Choosing this is a great idea, so just find TAP and SINK  and add them to your cart. 


Metallic Black Quartz Granite Single Bowl Sink with Drain Board

If you’re looking for the right kitchen sink and faucet that will perfectly sit in your kitchen’s countertop, this Metallic Black Quartz Granite Single Bowl with Drain Board is the perfect one for you. It is made from high-quality acrylic and mixes of granite stone. And because of its durable construction, you can expect it to resist acids, scratches, stains, and alkali.

Can other kitchen sinks do that? However, sinks like this require professional installers. So if you need one, you can tap our friendly professionals below.

  •  Trade Winds Plumbing – his company accepts residential and commercial projects such as kitchen, bathroom, residential, large scale renovations, hydraulic services, gas fitting, commercial kitchen, project, duplex , and home developments, new homes, and large scale luxury residences. Not just that, you can also depend on them during emergency plumbing’ and maintenance.  


White Granite Stone Kitchen Sink with Drain Board

Dreaming of a right kitchen sink and faucet that can be under or top-mounted? This White Granite Stone Kitchen Sink with Drain Board is the perfect one for your kitchen! Protected with a 15-year warranty program, you can be sure that this sink will last a long time. Its elegant white finish is admirable.

But what more if you knew that it is super easy to clean, eco-friendly, and can resist foul smell? This is not your ordinary sink because you will not be dealing with rusty, fast-wearing, and failing joints.  You just have to make sure that you seek professional help in installing this sink and faucet. You can try this below.

  • Leo Sommer Plumbing – expert solutions in plumbing are what you get from these professionals. Be it gas fitting, commercial, or residential plumbing, they got your back. They also have solutions for blockages and do repairs. 


Round Single Bowl

Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t have a good-looking sink and faucet. Cheer up! The right kitchen sink and faucet for you is this Round Single Bowl. This is multipurpose for it can be used in the laundry or in your kitchen.

You can mount it on top or under. Plus it is made with granite quartz stone so there’s no question of durability. This would blend well on rustic, woody, or minimalist kitchens. Very simple, yet so classy when installed in your kitchen!

Getting this is as easy as counting one, two, and three. You can order this on My Homeware where you can find not just sinks and unique-looking faucets, but also different kitchen materials. 


Snova White Single Square Bowl

You can make your kitchen island fancy by putting the right kitchen sink and faucet. With this Snova White ingle Square Bowl, you can keep your kitchen countertop clean and classy. This faucet and sink can be installed under, top, or flush.

It is made from high-quality granite quartz stone so even if its colour looks delicate, it can resist rusts, scratches, and stains. Simplicity at its finest is what you get from this kitchen sink. And as for its capacity, it can hold up to 25 liters of liquid. 


Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

You can never go wrong with a stainless steel kitchen sink. This kitchen sink offers plenty of space for your food preparation needs such as cleaning kitchen utensils, draining boiled ingredients, and other stuff.

It looks clean and so easy to maintain. It offers a draining board, sink, and drainer that is so convenient to use. Making it perfect for commercial and residential establishments.

For your safety, it is tested and certified safe under Australian standards. So if you belong in a household whose passion is cooking, let this kitchen sink spoil you in your everyday cooking journey! 


Double Bowl Topmount Sink with Drainer

Kitchens with contemporary or minimalist designs deserve this Double Bowl Topmount Sink with Drainer. It offers a unique-looking sink that you can’t find in regular shops. Surely, your guests will admire this in your kitchen. And to inspire you more, this sink is not like your regular sink because scratches, impacts, and heat won’t intimidate it.

Thanks to its moulded granite construction that makes it long-lasting. You’ll be surprised to know that this sink is reversible. Just so you know, it is made with 20% resin, and 80% quartz & granite particles. The installation would be much easier if you let the professionals handle it. You can seek help below.

  • Blue Diamond Plumbing – sink installation is an easy job with Blue Diamond Plumbing.  They are specialized with different types of sinks like a pedestal, top-mount, under-mount, all-in-one sink, and wall-mounted. Plus you can have a custom-made sink that will suit your needs in the kitchen or bathroom.  


Deep Sink

This deep sink by Blanco offers an extra-large bowl to help you prepare for big batches of ingredients. It comes with an X-pattern drain groove that makes draining 2x faster.

Made from 18/10 chrome-nickel and 18-gauge stainless steel so expect it to last in your kitchen, this is another good choice option. It is durable, strong, and classy. Plus it offers an under-mount installation.  


Kitchen sinks and faucets play a big role in the kitchen, especially in food preparation. So it is necessary to find the right kitchen sink and faucet that will match your needs. With these ideas that we have shared with you, we hope you’ll find it easier to choose! 






Best Kitchen Cabinet Designs For Your Kitchen

Best Kitchen Cabinet Designs For Your Kitchen

Whether you have expensive or sentimental kitchen wares, the best way to keep them is by putting them inside your kitchen cabinet. For so many years, we have seen the essence of putting kitchen cabinets. And no doubt, they fill different purposes like keeping your grocery stock, keeping your plates, saucers, pans, towels, and other kitchen essentials safe. Just imagine how things would be in the kitchen without it. You can spell M-E-S-S-Y with your eyes closed! 

But why settle with your basic kitchen cabinet when you can have the best kitchen cabinet designs? And good news, after reading this article, you’ll be able to have a kitchen cabinet inspiration as part of your kitchen remodeling!


Wooden Kitchen Cabinet

This elegant modern medium wood kitchen cabinet is probably one of the best kitchen cabinet designs that you’ll ever see. It shows off its timeless and classy appearance. The good thing about wooden cabinets is that they are customizable. You have the power to choose its color, shape, design, and features. The wood itself is durable and long-lasting. So your decision is right if you want this in your kitchen. And if you need help, here’s who you can tap.  

  • Millenium – If you want to have a kitchen cabinet that your guests will talk about, Millenium is your best option. With their help, they can turn your boring kitchen into a luxury haven. They are trusted in quality and service. Giving unparalleled kitchen designs and renovations


Contemporary Kitchen Cabinet

If you’re looking for the best kitchen cabinet designs, you will never go wrong with the contemporary design. Just take a look at this contemporary kitchen with a sleek kitchen cabinet design. We bet you’ll be inspired to take selfies if this kitchen is yours. And not to mention taking time in organizing the cabinet stuff like pan, pots, plates, cups, saucers, and whatever you want to put in to maximize its use. Luckily, there’s someone you can call if this is what you want to have in your kitchen.

  • Master Cabinet – be it commercial or residential owners, master cabinet never fails to deliver satisfaction to its customers in making high-quality cabinets. All of their tradesmen are skilled and do a good job in producing world-class cabinets. And like their trademark, be ready to have a kitchen cabinet that is robust, attractive, and affordable.  


White Kitchen Cabinet

As they say, white symbolizes elegance. And with this color, you can get the best kitchen cabinet designs. This white kitchen cabinet design by Suburb will encourage you to face your fear in choosing the color white. Many of us are afraid to use this shade, thinking that it’s hard to maintain and keep safe from stains and discolorations. But the truth is, depending on the materials and paints used, you don’t have to fear any of these. Especially, if you can seek help from a professional.

  • Sydney Kitchen – thinking of your kitchen’s design and cabinets will mostly end up with a headache. With the many ideas, you have in mind or sometimes looking for inspiration is never an easy part. This is where Sydney Kitchen can help you! From the design, high-quality materials, and other products, they can provide it. So all you have to do is leave your worry to them and wait to be satisfied with the result.  


Space-Saving Kitchen Cabinet

Space is something you need to consider in your kitchen remodeling. Imagine, you’re planning to get a new kitchen cabinet but it doesn’t match the size of your kitchen. How frustrating right? But don’t lose hope, this kitchen cabinet design will help you save space and condition you that every corner is an advantage. Its genius design will trigger your imagination in using corner surfaces and what kitchen materials would complement. If you are undecided about the look of your kitchen cabinet, then let this professional help you!

  • FARQUHAR – this company will help you get professional-grade cabinets that are superior in quality and uniquely designed by their skilled designers. You will be amazed at how they work with colors, materials, and incorporate style with every detail they put on their cabinets.  


Minimalist Kitchen Cabinet

This best kitchen cabinet design showing off a minimalist design will convince you that simplicity is beauty. It doesn’t have luxurious embellishment but its design alone gives an impact to anyone who looks. The best thing about the minimalist kitchen cabinet theme is that you don’t have to spend much on bling-bling and other luxurious additions. All you need is a good design, materials, and proper execution. And this is what professionals do, turn things into reality. 

  • Brace Joinery – tell them what you want and they can make it work with the help of their skilled designers and tradesmen. To have a unique yet simple and showstopper kitchen cabinet is what many of us dream of. This is what Brace Joinery is dedicated to. From the design, materials, and installation, they got your back. 


Glass Kitchen Cabinet

Sometimes it’s frustrating when you can’t find what you’re looking for inside your kitchen cabinet. So if you’re in the middle of kitchen remodeling, the best kitchen cabinet designs that you should work on is with glasses. Just take a look at this gorgeous glass cabinet and admire its functionality and appearance. Isn’t it a good choice to have one similar to this in your kitchen?  So here’s who you can call if you’re determined to have it. 

  • My Kitchen Star – this company will make sure you get only the best when it comes to the kitchen cabinet of your dream. And to ensure that they will last in your kitchen, they use German hardware, materials, and fitting. Not to mention that also do testing and uses 3D kitchen design to match your expectation. Plus give you an insight into your kitchen cabinet’s look. 


Black Kitchen Cabinet

Designed by Ladahome, this best kitchen cabinet design in black will make you believe that black is magnificent. Choosing a black kitchen cabinet will help you get a satisfying and clean look for your kitchen. It doesn’t need much embellishment or other expensive designs because the color itself gives a remarkable look. So if you’re planning to have black kitchen cabinets but having second thoughts because of the fear that it might spoil your existing kitchen interior design, worry not. Are you excited to have this in your kitchen? Let this professional below help you! 

  • Impala Kitchens and Bathrooms – Impala offers unique designs and features for cabinets, wardrobes, and joinery. They are known for their excellent service and exemplary skill in designing. They are your dependable friend if you’re into kitchen remodeling, laundry, bathroom, or simply looking for a unique new look at your house.  
  • Elite Kitchens Toowomba– this company offers a wide range of services from cabinet design, cabinet repair, cabinet installation, pre-made cabinets, wardrobe, laundry, installation, custom cabinets, vanity, and kitchen. Designs can be complicated and sometimes we cannot demonstrate what we want. But with their help, all you need to do is describe or give a few details of the kitchen cabinet that you wanted to have and they will make it for you! 


To have the best-looking, functional and dependable kitchen cabinet is what most of us work for. But sometimes, things get too complicated when our ideas don’t agree with the available materials. In this article, we gave you plenty of best kitchen cabinet designs so we hope, that you can find inspiration for your kitchen remodeling. 

10 Best Kitchen Benchtop Options

10 Best Kitchen Benchtop Options

Sprucing up your favorite spot at home can be as simple as upgrading your kitchen benchtop. However, choosing the best benchtop that will suit your style and budget can be a little daunting.

There are just too many choices. So, we narrow it down with the most consideration on the design appearance, maintenance, and cost. We hope to guide you on making a good decision that will satisfy the designer inside of you and most importantly, the need of your family. After all, they are what makes our kitchen our happy place.

So, whether you are looking for natural stones, wood, or acrylic for your benchtop, it is helpful to know what are the advantages or disadvantages of choosing such. Let’s take a look at the 10 best kitchen benchtop options


  • Marble

Marble is made of natural stone that yields a contemporary and modern look in your kitchen. Homeowners choose a marble benchtop because it is beautiful, durable, and timeless. Marble is a popular choice among designers who are going after minimalist designs. Mainly because of its sleek style and sophistication.

It is commonly used as a splashback, benchtops, and flooring. Aside from its elegant look, marble is a suitable material to use in the kitchen because it is naturally heat-resistant. You can place a hot utensil over it without damaging the surface of your benchtop. It is also scratched and stain-resistant.  It is low-maintenance and very easy to clean.

However, using high-acid content in cleaning detergent or supplies is not advisable. This may cause damage to the marble by stripping off the topcoat layer and make it look dull. If you have the budget, marble is one of the best kitchen benchtop options with a cost ranging from $250 – $500 per square meter. 


  • Granite

Like marble, granite is also a natural stone. They are acquired by quarrying and then fabricated by manufacturers to be used for benchtops, splashbacks, and floors. Granite is composed of silica between 70% – 77% and other chemical compositions (e.g. alumina, potassium oxide, etc.) while marble mostly consists of Lime.

This Silica appears like tiny granular flecks that give the granite its natural unique colors and patterns that cannot be duplicated compared to engineered stones. Both Marble and granite are heavy solid stones suitable for the kitchen or bathroom.

But since natural stone is porous, granite requires proper treatment or sealing to make it stain-free and durable. It is also less expensive than marble with costs ranging from $80 – $175 per square foot, depending on the style and patterns you like.


  • Quartz

Quartz is another best kitchen benchtop option you can consider. It is an engineered stone with a composition of silicon and oxygen. Quartz benchtop is becoming popular among designers and homeowners because of its versatility. It gives you the sophistication of natural stone without ripping off your pocket.

Smartstone, a designer and builder from Australia recommends the use of quartz for kitchen benchtops and other interior design applications because it is relatively less expensive than marble and granite. 

Its durable material can make your benchtops last a very long time. However, it cannot withstand extreme heat compared to natural stone-made benchtops. But when it comes to design, quartz can give you uniformity in pattern because it is man-made and can be duplicated. 


  • Porcelain

The popularity of using porcelain for kitchen benchtops has reached ‘down under.’  Porcelain or also called ultra-compact benchtops are made of a combination of materials such as glass, porcelain, and quartz.

This is a fairly unique fabrication that involves mixing of raw materials, powdered clay, and pigments using high temperature and pressure. This process makes a very durable benchtop. It is also heat and stain-resistant making it easy to clean and maintain. The Porcelain benchtop is non-porous, meaning the sealing application is not required, unlike other natural stones.

So, it is economical helping you save some cash for more value-adding features in your kitchen like upgrading some lights or adding a high-tech fixture.  


  • Polished Concrete

A Concrete benchtop is an eco-friendly option for your kitchen. It is like a blank canvas waiting for your creativity to pour in. You can opt for a plain polished design or a decorative surface. If you want to make a statement through your benchtop, you can give it a unique appearance by staining the concrete surface.

You can choose from the wide variety of colors available or give it a texture mimicking a natural stone without the price tag. You can set aside a budget ranging from $75- $170 per square foot depending on your desired design. 


  • Solid Surface Benchtop

Solid Surface is a high-tech innovation related to the fabrication of kitchen benchtops. It is a synthetic product made up of mixed raw materials such as acrylic and polyester with a combination of other substances like filler and pigment. It is treated under extreme heat and molded into a solid material that can be used for various building applications like benchtops, bathtubs, and sinks.  Corian by Dupont Corporation is the first among solid surface materials ever marketed to be used as benchtops.

Other known brands are Swanstone, Formica, Wilsonart, Hi-Macs, and many more. A solid surface may not be as durable as solid stone or timber; however, it is sturdy enough to take impacts and will also last long depending on how well you take care of it. The downside of using solid surface is that it can be deformed with the heat temperature beyond 212 F.

Though its major advantage is the easy repair-solution caused by natural wear and tear. When scratched, chipped, or broken, the surface can be sanded and glued together without leaving any marks, and still appear seamless. It is still one of the best kitchen benchtop options depending on the style and budget you set.


  • Bamboo

Bamboo is naturally attractive when used for benchtops, cabinets, and floors. It has a wood grain that is uniquely its own. It brings warmth and coziness to the kitchen especially when you played it with good lighting. Bamboo is perfect for the kitchen because it is heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, and does not absorb moisture.

It maintains its texture without bending, twisting, or any sort of distortion that may cause due to exposure to different temperatures. It is also mold-resistance, so it will last for years and years without touching your savings for repairs or replacement. Suitable for many designs from modern minimalist to cozy rustic approaches it is truly a great choice.

Logan Leigh, an expert in fabricating bamboo benchtops caters to many customers for their desired kitchen fittings and customized bar, office table, and counter made of bamboo. The cost of the material varies from low to high depending on the grade or quality of the bamboo. However, bamboo grows very fast, so the supply will be steady and ultimately, less expensive than hardwood.


  • Timber 

Timber benchtop from softwood (e.g., Pine, Cedar, and Redwood) or solid hardwood (e.g., maple, cherry, or mahogany) stands out in aesthetic terms among other benchtop materials making it one of the best kitchen benchtop options. The natural wood grain creates a unique variation of texture for the design that gives a visual appeal of warmth and coziness. Its organic material complements any color scheme you set for your kitchen.

As long as seal application and coating are maintained, the timber benchtop will keep its luxe appearance and durability. However, a timber benchtop is neither heat-resistant nor scratch-resistant. It can likely be stained or chipped over time. 

The good thing is that it can be sanded and refinished to make it like new again. If you are worried about your budget, you can use recycled timber which is a fraction of the cost compared to new timber.


  • Laminated Benchtop

A laminated benchtop is becoming increasingly popular for building and renovation purposes. It’s because the laminated benchtop has a wide array of designs, colors, and textures that will suit any style you are planning for your kitchen upgrade.

A laminated benchtop is very affordable compared to natural stones or hardwood. Maybe you want to install a marble for your benchtop but are deterred by the expensive price, then laminated Carara Marble design could be a great design solution and best alternative for you.

Kitchen renovator, Just Benchtops showcases a gallery of benchtops with every different look that will suit your style and fit your budget. It doesn’t require sealing application and is non-porous, so it will not absorb germs and It’s very easy to clean. 


  • Stainless Steel

With a lot of health issues going on today, we want to keep our home and our kitchen squeaky clean and free from harmful bacteria. The best kitchen benchtop option for a hygienic solution is the stainless-steel benchtop

With regular cleaning using detergent and water, you can maintain the surface and avoid germs from breeding. Stainless steel can create an industrial style for your kitchen.

Its robust and sturdy look goes beyond its appearance because stainless steel can take the heat and repels rusts and stains, although it may acquire dent or scratch after some time. 


2021 Floor Designs To Suit All Kitchen Styles

2021 Floor Designs To Suit All Kitchen Styles

It has become a habit for some of us to demonstrate our talent while mopping the kitchen floor. Different dance moves show up when the music starts and boom! You’re energized to clean all the areas! But sometimes, no matter how much you clean, your kitchen floor still looks messy, stained, or boring. Stains on the floor can be wiped out, but dull floor designs call for kitchen remodeling

In this article, we’ll help you knock this problem by introducing these latest floor designs. And there’s no way you can’t choose because each of the designs is unique and worthy of your attention! We bet your next problem would be choosing between all of them.   

Contemporary Floor Design

Designed by Alexander Gorlin Architects, this kitchen shows off a contemporary floor design in stunning white. There are different floor designs but this embodies simplicity and beauty. Not just that, if you choose floors with contemporary design there won’t be a problem with customization because it is the main reason for their existence. You will also save energy because the light reflects well with them. And if you’re looking for a good source for contemporary tiles, you may want to check out these designs from  Novoceram

  • Talm Ivoire 
  • Taupe
  • Talm Taupe
  • Zen Beton 

Laminate Floor Design

If you’re looking for cost-effective floor designs, you can consider laminate flooring. Scratches and chipping are one of the common problems on the floor. And we know how frustrated you can be when chips and scratches start to appear all over your kitchen floor.

But good thing laminate floor can withstand all of this with its tough coating. Compared to other designs, they last longer and could be of any look. This is an example of a laminate floor. It looks sleek, elegant, and very neat. But if you want a knock off design, you can try these other trendy designs:

  • Cherry
  • Bleach Style
  • Grey
  • Oakwood
  • Black Laminate
  • Whitewashed wood

Coastal Floor Design

Talking about timeless beauty, coastal classic floor designs don’t fade. They are perfect for kitchens with light interior minimalist themes because they are classy. You don’t need to use many vibrant colors because the bright color of the coastal floor design will complete the look! Just like this kitchen design by Beta. For a more inviting look, you can try these designs.

  • Sandy tones
  • Tropical accents
  • Light green
  • Neutral colors
  • Coastal blue


Textured Floor Design

Some of the accidents that happen in the kitchen involve slipping. To avoid this, textured floor designs are to the rescue! This floor design by Floor and Décor shows a clean and sturdy finish. Designs like this are resistant to spills and stains so you don’t have to worry about the maintenance part.  This is possible with the help of Professional Floor Installer! And as for the designs, you can try these:

  • Geometric designs
  • Mix materials like ( porcelain, pebbles, stones, hardwood, or glass)
  • Parquet
  • Puzzling wooden floor
  • Bricks
  • Mosaic

Hardwood Floor Design

In terms of beauty and class, hardwood floor designs are some of the best. Aside from they don’t go out of style, they bring comfort to the eyes. They are also easy to maintain, and their design alone makes a good kitchen décor. And did you know that these are good for people with allergies?

Allergy from pollens and allergens to be specific. That’s because it doesn’t entertain dust on grout lines. Just like this gorgeous kitchen with classic hardwood flooring made possible by A & E flooring. You too can have this in your kitchen especially if you choose any of these hardwood designs.

  • Walnut
  • Mahogany
  • Padauk
  • Pine
  • Cedar
  • Teak
  • Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • Maple


Vinyl Floor Design

If you can find traffic on the street and so as in the kitchen. This is commonly known as heavy foot traffic. This isn’t good for floorings for floor designs especially if you choose the delicate ones. But this isn’t the case with Vinyl floor designs. Just take a look at this elegant kitchen with a clean white finish from homeprint.

At first glance, you’ll be inspired by its look. And what more if you knew that it is less expensive and easy to maintain? This is a great deal especially if you’re considering your budget in your kitchen remodeling mission. And in case you’re interested in putting this in your kitchen, you can tap help from Bangjia Decoration.

You can be sure of their Vinyl because each comes with UV coating, wear layer, base layer, middle layer, color film, and décor layer. Plus you have plenty of choices with the designs like:


Hard Stone Floor Design 

This luxurious-looking kitchen with a hard stone floor design will inspire you to fancify your kitchen too. What’s fascinating is that it add value to your kitchen and keeps it cool. You can consider it hygienic because it can resist stains and is so easy to maintain.

Compared to other designs, this is more durable in and its natural beauty is indeed appealing. This is perfect for kitchens with almost different kitchen interiors. And when it comes to natural stone floors, you can put your trust in professionals like Elite Floors.

With their help, you can have an amazing-looking floor for your room, kitchen, living room, or other parts of your house. Nothing beats the natural stones, so you can expect unique color, marks, and striations in every stone piece they install.  You can choose from different types of stone such as:

  • Sandstone
  • Limestone
  • Granite
  • Travertine
  • Marble


Patterned Floor Design

One of the trendy floor designs are the patterned ones. As proof, you can see them in magazines, exclusive residences, 5-star hotels, and celebrity homes. They add style to the kitchen and capture the attention of your guests. If you choose this, you can have a unique-looking kitchen and decide on your house theme.

Just like this marvelous kitchen floor that is truly eye-catching to every guest. You can choose from trendy designs like a mosaic, mixed materials, horizontal strips, herringbone, diamond cuts, chevron style, 3D, and a mix of grains.

This could be a laborious task if you do if you’ll de doing it alone, so why not seek help from floor professionals?  Here are some of the professionals you can seek help from.

  • INGOLD Floors – this company ensures your satisfaction by giving superior quality floors for your kitchen, living room, and other parts of your home sweet home. They offer services like repairs, epoxy flooring, polished concrete, installation of quartz carpet, timber flooring, surface preparation, installs carpets, and vinyl. So there’s no doubt you can get a combination of non-lip and decorative floors!
  • Safeguard – this company will give you designer flooring for a cheaper price. They use industrial-grade materials, UV resistant, non-slip, high traffic durable, and easy to clean. They offer floorings like epoxy resins, polyurethanes concrete flooring, food-safe and OH&S flooring, anti-static flooring, anti-slip flooring, bunds, and build-up flooring. 
  • JDC Flooring– this company offer installation service for carpet, LVT luxury vinyl tiles, sheet vinyl, and red barn. They are trusted in floor solutions so you can chill on your couch while watching them beautify your kitchen floor. 


Floor designs are essential in keeping our kitchen looking fine and presentable. And with these floor designs that we have introduced to you, we hope you find what suits your kitchen style! 

An Expert’s Guide to Finding the Right Kitchen Refrigerator 10+ Tips

An Expert’s Guide to Finding the Right Kitchen Refrigerator 10+ Tips

Finding the right kitchen refrigerator to buy is almost like buying a car. You consider the number of your family members to check its capacity; You try to fix it after several years of service when it’s apt to get maintenance, and finally replace it when repairs are getting more expensive than buying a new one. You want to save yourself from the hassle and stress when it suddenly breaks down and stops running. 

Refrigerator is one of those appliances that we do not often purchase…yes! the same as a car. And buying one is a decision that you have to live with for years that’s why it’s important to make the right one. To avoid mistakes, here are some expert advice in finding the right kitchen refrigerator. 

Finding the Right Kitchen Refrigerator Tips Direct from the Experts!

Consider your budget.

Investing in a quality fridge without freezing your bank account is a smart decision. After all, a fridge has only one practical function the same as cellphones do no matter how fast the technology upgrades. Identify the specific need you are looking for like energy efficiency, durability, and overall performance. Set a budget range that is comfortable for you and sticks to the most important features that you want for a fridge. 


Get the appropriate size.

Knowing the kitchen layout and the size of the refrigerator will occupy are some of the things you must consider in finding the right kitchen refrigerator.  You want to make sure that it will fit in the alcove you are saving it for. Measurement is key for proper balance and accurate dimensions. 

These factors will help you decide whether you can upgrade to a bigger fridge or retain the compact model. The standard dimensions of refrigerators range from 28 to 39 inches in width, 61 to 71 inches in height, and 28 to 34 inches in depth. Make sure that you also take into account the space it will take when you open the fridge door. You don’t want to scratch or damage it every time you open it to get a can of beer or soda. 


Select the right type of fridge.

Selecting the right type of fridge depends on the space where you want it installed. Once you identify this need, you can select from the different types of refrigerators available in the market. 

  • Standard Depth Fridge is the most common type of fridge most of us grew up with. It has varying styles, though, generally, it is freestanding with 70inches in height and between 30-34 inches in width. This type has plenty of storage spaces and is mostly preferred by homeowners and business owners alike. Some of the popular brands for standard depth refrigerators rated by consumers are LG, Westinghouse, Haier, Fisher and Paykel, and Chiq. 
  • A built-in fridge is a great option if you want a slick and stylish look. Its seamless and customized design can elevate a posh style to your kitchen though, it means you need to save up for the extra cost. It is taller and wider than the standard refrigerator and mostly required professional installation. 
  • Counter-Depth Fridge is shallower than the standard fridge. It also looks like a built-in refrigerator however the fridge box is almost the same height as the countertop and blends into the counter space.  AJ Madison, an appliance dealer, releases their top 5 counter depth fridge for the year 2021, but you can always opt for older models if they are more suitable for your specific criteria. 

  • Mini Fridge is the more suitable option for office, dorm, or where space is quite limited. The average dimensions of the under-the-counter mini fridge are 24.3 inches in length, 23.9inches in width, and 33.95 in height. Popular Brands preferred by buyers are Whirlpool, Frigidaire, and Thermador. 


Pick the style blends in your kitchen.

Finding the right kitchen refrigerator is like choosing the car model you like to drive whether it’s a Camry or a Sting Ray Coupe. It sometimes reflects your own personality. And the style of fridge you choose can also reflects the personality you want for your kitchen.

  • Top Freezer is the traditional model of the fridge we are all familiar with where the freezer is on top while other food storages are in the middle and bottom compartments. Cnet Home features a buying guide with a wide range of costs between $479 to 2,199.  This fridge is best suitable for the budget-conscious shopper who looks for function and is not too flashy.
  • Bottom Freezer is the identical twin of the Top Freezer. If you are looking for something simple yet slightly different from the traditional style, then this might be perfect for you. Although, access to a freezer might be a little hard especially with those who have back pains since you have to stoop down a bit to get your frozen ingredients. It costs between $999 to $1,899 and is slightly bigger in depth and height.
  • Side by Side is a compact model with 2-doors that opens right in the middle. The narrow doors are suitable for a small kitchen and will not require a full width when opening the fridge door. It costs between $1,144 to $3,099 with a freezer from top to bottom. 
  • French Door is a combination of style and functionality. It’s a twin-door model with a bottom freezer. It is most popular among homeowners who like stocking up for groceries and food supplies because the French door fridge can simply hold that much with its storage capacity and highly advanced features. It costs between $1,599 to $3,999 and can be even steeper if you want to customize a built-in installation. 


Choose the right finish. 

The exciting part of finding the right kitchen refrigerator is choosing for color and finish that will complement your kitchen style. The latest trends on kitchen appliances offer a variety of finishes that will instantly give your kitchen a facelift. GE Appliances showcase high-gloss to matte finishes and basic black to stainless steel for a neutral and stylish tone. 


Take the storage and capacity into account.

Finding the right kitchen refrigerator depends on the specific purposes you are looking for. Do you need it for your business? Do you stock plenty of meat? Do you need more room for fruits for your new diet? Most modern refrigerators have sliding shelving and adjustable bin so they can be easily removed for cleaning and organizing. Sometimes, the molded plastic shelves have a stopper on the edge that prevents drips and liquid spills from contaminating the food stored at the bottom.  Generally, the top freezer model has more flexibility in terms of storage space compared to other model types. Since the freezer is at eye level, it provides easier access to stored food. You can quickly close the fridge door and consume less energy. 


Check the hinge of the fridge door. 

It’s always good to have a sharp eye on detail. Checking the hinge of the Fridge door is important to ensure that you can rely on its function to shut the fridge door smoothly and tightly. Modern fridge doors are mostly reversible. This is good news for left-handed users.  While common fridge doors are hinged on the right (it means the refrigerator opens from left to right), the hinged can be reversed to the left where you can open the refrigerator from right to left. 


Find out about the features.

Most modern refrigerators have advanced built-in features. Thanks to modern technology you can have a compact or high-end fridge with energy-saving and auto-defrost features. Others have built-in deodorizer and anti-bacterial features that eliminate odor and prevent molds to breed inside the fridge. Make sure to ask these specifications the next time you go to the appliance showroom to buy a fridge. 


Weigh your options from standard to smart fridge.

Before buying a refrigerator, know about the latest trend in kitchen appliances.  You may want to upgrade from using the standard to the latest smart fridge. After all, technology is supposed to make our lives easier. For example, the LG InstaView has an ice and water dispenser on its left door. While on the right is a unique and clever feature that allows you to see the food, drink, or whatever is inside without opening the fridge. By simply tapping the door panel, it will automatically switch into a see-through window panel. And voila! 


Choose a reliable brand.

A little research will help you narrow down your options. Compare at least 2 or 3 brands that you trust and carry the features that are most important to you. Some of the popular brands known for producing reliable refrigerators are Frigidaire, LG, Samsung, GE Appliance, KitchenAid, Whirpool, and more. 


Ask for the warranty coverage.

Most major appliances are covered with a one-year warranty. It is good to confirm the warranty attached to your purchase before paying it to the counter. Make sure you are adequately covered in the event of damage or unit repair? For how long? Other brand companies offer extended warranty for a certain fixed price which has more beneficial coverage like parts and labor. You may explore the details on this and ask the salesperson assigned to the appliance center where you plan to buy your new fridge.


The Ultimate Guide To Kitchen Extraction Types

The Ultimate Guide To Kitchen Extraction Types

Give us one way to tell what’s cooking in the kitchen without going there, and most of you will answer “SMELL IT”! Turn the knob, add oil to your pan, and throw in the ingredients. Then the mouth-watering smell will linger in your house. But the problem is, not all kitchen smell is pleasing and you sure don’t want to go to work smelling roast beef or another dish. Now, you’re smiling after reading this because you might have experienced this scenario and used your perfume to eliminate the smell. Scenarios like this will continue to happen if you have no kitchen extractor or kitchen hood at home! So let this article guide you with all the kitchen extraction types to help you find the one that will fit in your lovely kitchen! 


Visor or Under Cabinet Ranger Hoods

Modern and classy, this kitchen design 2021 has an installed visor wood from Russell Hobbs that helps in eliminating kitchen odour. If you have a small kitchen, these kitchen extraction types are perfect. In fact, these were the basic extractors used by every household.

However, because of the new designs being released, the demand decreases. You can easily identify them for their obvious bulky appearance.  And if you’re interested in putting this in your kitchen, you may want to check these brands.

  • Russel Hobbs RHVSRCH602B-M – this extractor has its own charm in the kitchen. It comes with convenient push-button control and requires less space. You can choose from its three-speed settings and can effectively keep your kitchen smoke-free. There’s no problem with lighting because it is equipped with durable and energy-saving LED lights. If you aren’t convinced yet, you’ll be glad of its other functions such as neutralizing the odour, drawing steam, and filters out the smell in the kitchen.  

  • Zanussi ZHT611X –  space-saving and easy to use. This is what you can expect from this extractor. Just by sliding your fingertip, you can control its suction power and speed. You no longer have to bear the smell attached to your shirt every time you walk by in your kitchen. Plus there is no issue with mismatching in your existing kitchen interior design because it will blend well!

Recirculation Hoods

These kitchen extraction types are effective in eliminating kitchen smell right before you smell it. All thanks to the charcoal and grease filter that works as a powerful duo in knocking off smoke, grease, different types of kitchen odour.

The best example of this is this kitchen design. Using it will make your kitchen looks professional and free from bad-smelling odours. Here are your suitable options if you want one for your kitchen.

  • Broan 41000 Series – this extractor offers the power of grease and charcoal filter that effectively eliminates odour, smoke, and grease. It comes in three color finish such as stainless steel, white, bisque, and black. Plus it is equipped with a control light and speed fan light. As for its appearance, it looks modern and sleek. So you’ll definitely admire this in your kitchen.

  • Broan PM390 – If you’re looking for an extractor that is easy to maintain, that would be the Broan PM390. Its filters are designed dishwasher safe and quick-release. It will blend well with your wooden kitchen cabinets, Kitchen Lighting, and good ventilation. It offers three-speed that you can adjust in its slide control. Plus it is compatible with 40-watt candelabra bulbs and a 357NDK non-ducted filter kit. 

Integrated Hoods

There are kitchen extraction types that are too visible. But you want yours hidden, that would be possible if you will choose to install integrated hoods. Just like this kitchen from Kitchens by Emma Reed. Who would think that there’s an extractor installed?

We bet you didn’t notice it at your first glance. They are discreet and ideal for kitchens with medium space. They can be attached under your wall cabinets and has an easy control switch on the front. It’s exciting to have this, so here’s where you can get them. 

  • Elica Cloud Seven – incomparable in design and function. This extractor has an impressive stainless steel color finish and can be controlled even while you’re sitting on your couch. You will not be disturbed by its sound because its noise level is only 61 dB. It has improved airflow and lighting to help you enjoy your cooking time in the kitchen. Plus it comes with a charcoal and grease aluminum filter that will make the odour and smoke elimination easy.  

  • AEG H331xW770xD300 – good ventilation and lighting. This is what AEG boasts as well as its hands-free system that offers easy use. The good thing about this is it can play hide and seek well. It has two built-in washable grease filters and electronic push buttons. If you’re cooking at night, its two LED spotlights are ready to illuminate. Plus you can control it from afar using its remote control. 

Island Hoods

Island kitchens are adorable. Aside from they can be used as an instant dining table, they add beauty and sophistication to the kitchen.  And of all kitchen extraction types, you would agree that the best partner for it is the island hood.

Looking at kitchen designs by Perfect Kitchen Remodel, you will be stimulated to develop one at home. Luckily, you can seek help from Futuro Futuro in getting not just dependable but also designer hoods for your kitchen! We can feel your tiny endorphins jumping, so here are your best options.

  •  Acqualina Glass Island Range Hood – sturdy and elegant-looking. This extractor has a contemporary design that can easily blend well with your existing kitchen interior. It offers four options for lighting and speed. Plus it has an adjustable height! There’s nothing to worry about the noise even if it has four-speed levels because it is equipped with an internal whisper-quiet tangential blower. 

  • Tactio Island Range Hood – if you thought Acqualina is too simple, wait till you try the Tactio Island Range Hood. This is not like the common extractors you see because first, it is suspended and second, it has a dimmable internal light. It offers five control buttons, four speeds, and an LED light control button. It’s quiet and ductless so there’s no reason not to like it. 

Chimney Hoods

Kitchen extraction types like chimney hoods are perfect for families whose passion is cooking. These are also perfect for food providers like fast food chains and restaurants. You can place it between your kitchen cabinets or onto your wall. Just like this kitchen design by Woodmaster kitchens.

Some of us thought that white is hard to maintain but this kitchen design proves that kitchens look great in white and chimney hoods could add classy detail to the kitchen. Speaking of detail, you can have a dependable chimney hood with the help of BEST.

  • BEST WBF41 Series – this extractor comes with easy-control push electronic push buttons and an LCD screen. It’s best to install if you want to achieve a modern-looking kitchen. You can choose from its three-speed and use its lighted LCD screen when it gets dark. It effectively removes odours and smoke. Plus its grease filters are dishwasher-safe and made quick-release. 

  • BEST WCB3 Series – how do you like a kitchen extractor with an impressive light system? This will help you capture instagrammable food in the kitchen. As for its glass panels, you can choose from black, emerald, white, grey, purple, red, and lime. It has a sleek design and is so easy to control. It also boasts its code-ready technology that helps in reducing CFM levels and improves air quality. 

When we cook, kitchen odour, grease, and smoke are constant. But they will not be a threat if there is an installed extractor in the kitchen. In this article, we have shared with you the kitchen extraction types. And we hope, that with the information we have provided, you’ll be able to choose one that fits in your kitchen!