5 Stunning Kitchen Colour Palettes For Your Upcoming Kitchen Design

5 Stunning Kitchen Colour Palettes For Your Upcoming Kitchen Design

From places we visit, movies we watch, and magazines we read, leads us in creating a picture of our ideal kitchen design at home. Some of you may be guilty of tearing pages from magazines or being obsessed with following different designers on social media to come up with the best idea. 

And if you’re planning to toss your coin in the wishing well to get your dream kitchen look, dodge it! Because what you need to do is experiment with the kitchen colour palettes to help you denote yourself and enjoy your cooking time. With these stunning kitchen colour palettes that we’ll be sharing with you, there’ll be no such thing as a boring-looking kitchen!

Dark Kitchen Colour Palettes

Dark colours are geared with sophistication and finesse leaving the eyes nailed to the look. And employed to your kitchen’s interior, the appeal is irresistible just like this Dramatic Navy Blue design from Lily Ann Cabinets. Looking at this design could give you a city home vibe. It’s far from the usual kitchen look and is perfect for people who seek simplicity yet classy, leaving every guest coming simply amazed.

Here are trendier dark kitchen colour palettes from the famous paint center, Sherwin-Williams that will surely give your kitchen a classy look. 

  • Dark Night – this is ideal for kitchens with good space to offer. This will go well with colors such as Studio clay, Rock candy, and Gossamer veil.
  • Dark Auburn – this will give you a kitchen studio vibe once applied. Simple, yet blends well if paired with other light and dark colors.
  • Rockwood Dark Green – if you’re into a chic vibe for your kitchen, this is the colour to use! And if you want to put more enthusiasm in your kitchen’s atmosphere, better try it with a red barn or Grecian ivory.
  • Chanticleer – perfect match with Pussywillow and pure white, this colour will encapsulate your bold and fierce personality.

Pastelle Kitchen Colour Palettes

Stress comes every day in different forms. And if you want a quick escape from the loud city noise and a pile of documents to finish, cooking in a kitchen with a keen and peaceful vibe is a good choice. This is what pastel colours render in every kitchen. Be it on walls or even cabinets, it can instantly give you a shade that will soothe your senses. Just like this minty kitchen looks from Country Living. 

But mind you, you can mix and match pastel colours to get a jolly and relaxing kitchen look with the help of paint providers from Benjamin Moore. So here are some of the best colors that you can pick.

  • Delicate Rose – from its name, you can get a hint of openness. This could turn your kitchen in full bloom especially if you pair it with Butterflied, Mustang, White vanilla, or Lemon sorbet! 
  • Pastel Green – alone, this timeless colour could leave a “wow” expression to your guests. But if you want to make it look more exciting, you can try matching it with Pearly gates, Nimbus gray, Early dawn, or Icy morn. 
  • Purple Easter Egg – this colour will give a festive look to your kitchen. Flowing with high energy, choosing this will channel good vibes in your cooking hours. And if you want to level up this color, you can try it with deep indigo, amethyst shadow, oxford white, and alfresco.
  • Skyscraper- you can’t touch the sky but you can bring it in your kitchen with this cool colour. Aside from making your kitchen look massive, it can instantly give relaxation. But what more if you pair it with White swan, Woodcliff lake, Winter white, or Charcoal linen? That’s something you would love to try soon!

Earthy Kitchen Colour Palettes

A kitchen decorated with earth tones is something to look forward to for it can render a feeling of warmth and comfort. So if you want to feel the deeper connection with your cooking spot, choosing color combinations with this will deliver a homey vibe! This inspiration from Mastering Kitchens will convince you of how earth-toned color can make your kitchen look extravagant.

With the help of Samplize, you can find the best earthy colour that will match your kitchen! You can check out these beautiful colors below if you want to be inspired by what you want to put in. 

  • Earth Brown – homey vibe with a touch of class? This is what earth brown is invented for! This would go well with Barbados sand, ivory white, or black if you want to get an impressive kitchen look.
  • Green Earth – how about a splash of sanity and warmth? Because this is what this colour could offer in any type of room you pick. Paired with Cocoa brown or Parish white, you can make a statement! 
  • Earthy Ocher – matched with Warm sand and Bar harbor beige, your kitchen is on fire! Not literally with flames but with oozing richness in colour. But if you’re into using this alone, it will not be a disadvantage because it’s enough to please your eyes.  
  • Earthly Russet – spending much time in your kitchen during your baking sesh or cooking shouldn’t make you feel bored. With this colour, you will feel energized and ready to work in the kitchen for lengthy hours. Especially if you pair it with sand yellow or toasted chestnut. 

Woody Kitchen Colour Palettes

There’s nothing more inspiring to use your kitchen every day if you find both beauty and connection. This is more of what you can earn from choosing woody kitchen colour schemes. Every detail gives a luxurious vibe and thus provides a sense of confidence that your kitchen look will never go out of style. 

And once again, Benjamin Moore proves that these beautiful colours below can instantly make your kitchen look stylish and smart! 

  • Wood Ashyour quest for comfort and warmth is to end with this woody neutral colour. With addition such as Bear Creek, Straw hat, Little fails, or Majestic violet, you wouldn’t want to leave your kitchen!
  • Colorado Clayplayful and applause-worthy. This colour is inspired by the color of the desert and coastline. And what do you have in a product? An inviting color that perfect for every kitchen.
  • Topaz – this hue is considered timeless and elegant. So imagine picking this color for your kitchen, it will definitely leave you and our guests speechless. This color goes with Shoreline, La Paloma gray, Chatsworth cream, and Blue springs. 
  • Beaujolais – this may be hard to pronounce but it will speak well for your kitchen! It can effectively keep your kitchen looking expensive and cool. Try matching it with Navajo white, Kingsport gray, Cheyenne green, or Barbados sand and you will love it more. 


Metallic Kitchen Colour Palettes

Usual colors could be so boring for people with bright personalities. And if you’re one of them, this Victorian-inspired kitchen theme will provoke you to try sparkling colours for your kitchen remodeling! 

Here are some of the best metallic paint colours from Sherwin-Williams that are ready to snatch your guest’s attention! 

  • Porcelain – this colour scheme is enough to impress you and your family. Sophisticated in appearance plus versatile for it goes well with different colours. But if you want to make sure, you’ll never go wrong with Morris room grey and Classic sand.
  • Roycroft Vellum – as expensive as its name is its notable colour. It’s perfect with Herbal wash and Medici ivory. With this trio, it will surely knock out the look of plainness in your kitchen.
  •  Birdseye Maple – a colour that will represent your optimism. This will render a fresh look to your kitchen. And if you’re looking for a combination, Homburg Gray and Restful White will do!
  • Frostwork – you may not be able to build your ice castle at home but you can make your kitchen look nice, cool, and neat with this colour. Paired with Daphne and Elephant ear, your kitchen is picture-ready!

Kitchen colour palettes are something to constantly reflect when it comes to kitchen remodeling. They are what makes the kitchen atmosphere so it is justifiable to be picky in choosing one. And with these 5 stunning kitchen colour palettes that we have presented to you, you can skip the argument with your spouse over mismatch of colours!  

Top 5 Kitchen Splashback Trends For 2021

Top 5 Kitchen Splashback Trends For 2021


We always hear people say that the kitchen is where the magic happens. But your kitchen should not only be a place where you satisfy one’s belly nor a place where you always seem to sing “the sun will come out” while holding a ladle. We believe that your kitchen should create a statement. A statement of aesthetic and practicality through design and purpose. And what better way to do it than choosing the perfect kitchen splashback trends that best suit the lifestyle and personality of your own and your family.

                     Your Gleaming Kitchen

These splashback trends for 2021 will give you some inspiration and help you decide which design will best express your personality by remodeling your kitchen. The kitchen should stimulate all the human senses like what is expected from a modern contemporary design and classic elegant work of art. So, before you make your perfect kitchen into reality, we put together helpful information you may want to consider before tearing that old kitchen down to build a new one.

Hexagon is not your ordinary geometrical shape.

If you are renovating your kitchen and you have a Scandinavian style kitchen in your mind, it’s easier to achieve using a hexagon splashback. This specific design is one of the newest kitchen trends in 2021. If you are going after a modern texture, this interior adds to your overall design. You can also choose from the vast variety of colors, textures, and patterns whether you want to conjure a classic elegant mood or create a bold statement. Hexagon tiles are not only best for kitchen splashback. You can also make a cool modern statement when it’s used in bathroom floors with contrasting white grout.

Multicolored hexagons are so in right now. It adds texture while different patterns like fish scale or mermaid tile can be eye-catching and creative, especially when an intricate pattern is formed combining a modern shape with a touch of vintage style. There are few different ways to use the hexagon tile that creates a honeycomb shape that projects a graphic feature on your wall.

Things to consider when choosing a hexagon tile:

  • Color



  • Texture



  • Pattern

Marble Mosaic

Broken Hexagon

Fish Scale or Mermaid tile

You can never go wrong with Porcelain.

Renovating a kitchen can be daunting, but no need to feel overwhelmed. This kitchen splashback trend can be one of your choices. If you are looking after a low maintenance, long-lasting and guests keep saying “wow” every time they go to your kitchen, the porcelain splashback might be the one you are looking for.

Porcelain is a smooth non-porous material, so it’s perfect for splashback since it does not absorb, but rather repel stain which makes it easier to clean. Unlike ceramic, porcelain does not chip easily because it is denser and heavier, and less likely to crack, therefore, more durable and gives more value to your money. Though Porcelain comes in a wide variety of ranges, colors, textures, and patterns, Ceramic offers some exciting shapes like a picket fence, herringbone, and arabesque.

Depending on the size of your kitchen, porcelain comes in large to the extra-large panels which means it can cover the expanse of your kitchen using fewer panels. It gives the illusion of a bigger area.  And because porcelain provides a seamless surface, it makes your splashback achieve a visual impression of a clean, contemporary, yet classy look.

Stone in love with your splashback.

If you’re tired of your old kitchen and thinking of upgrading or renovating it into your dream kitchen, this kitchen splashback trend can be the perfect solution. If you want to achieve a rustic and cozy or luxe and elegant kitchen, you’ll be surprised to find hundreds of different types of stone and colors available for you to choose from. It pays a lot to do a little research before you decide to install your splashback.  Take note that stones are naturally porous material although some are lesser than others. If you choose a stone for your kitchen splashback make sure that you apply a natural stone sealer to avoid discoloration and make it last longer.

 Types of Stone

  • Marble Stone

This type of stone is rich, classy, and beautiful. Choosing this type of stone as a splashback can achieve a sense of luxury in your kitchen with its timeless appeal and with minimal effort. In terms of function, marble is ideal for splashbacks because it is resistant to heat and cools easily considering that it would be placed near a stove. On the aesthetic level, marble can replace a painting on your wall and elevates the feel of your entire kitchen. It creates a brighter space when lighting fixtures are installed and reflected the stones.

  • Granite

This type of stone is one of the favorites among kitchen splashbacks because it is less porous than marble making it resistant to stains and splashes. It also lasts a long time without worries of chipping or scratching. It can offer you a great range of options of colors, styles, sizes, and budgets. You can achieve a unique backdrop with its different designs like a sparkly black galaxy granite or a thunder white with veining grey or red flecks that cannot be duplicated by other engineered types of stone because it is a mineral deposit embedded naturally into the slab.

  • Quartz

This is an engineered type of stone with 10% binders and 90% stone-like materials such as crushed granite. Since it Is manufactured and not quarried, the designs and patterns are customizable depending on your preference and more budget-friendly. In terms of function, engineered stones are unbeatable and the nearest best option to a natural stone since it doesn’t require sealing application. Compared to marble and granite, Quartz is non-porous making it less absorbent and repel stains from oil splatters, juice, tomato sauce, and coffee.

No safer way than Subway.

Sometimes all we want is classic, simple, straightforward, and functional whether it’s about a style, approach to a problem, or just way of life. For a splashback, a Subway style is a safer choice that’s why it’s everyone’s favorite.  This kitchen splashback trend is the exact definition of simplicity and functionality.

You can never go wrong choosing subway tiles for your kitchen whether it’s for a restaurant or your home.  It never goes out of style. You can achieve a classic traditional interior to modern contemporary design. Of course, you can always be playful in laying them out for a specific look you want to achieve. You can lay a subway tile in a different pattern. Its versatility is limitless.

Ways to lay a subway tile:

  • Brick bond or Running bond
  • Stacked vertical
  • Stacked horizontal
  • Diagonal
  • Herringbone
  • Crossh hatch or Basket weave

Kitkat does not only satisfy your sweet tooth.

Kitkat or also known as Finger tiles are long and thin type of tiles which is a good choice if you are working on a small area.  This kitchen splashback trends are becoming a popular choice, especially for those who are downsizing their living space, yet want to keep their trendy and contemporary style.

Although it takes a little longer to layout because of its size, it is still worth it as it adds interest and depth to your kitchen by creating a visual accent, especially when you pick the perfect color that can bring out the magic in your kitchen.

A touch of bright color tones like emerald green or a soft shade of pale blue is just some of the options from its variety of available colors in the market. Its popularity has become so wide that its purpose spreads to giving a new life to a wall or flooring of a bathroom or laundry area.

We hope this information helps you decide which splashback is the best for you, so you can continue creating magic in your newly renovated sun-drenched kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel Design Trends – Wood Is Featuring In 2021

Kitchen Remodel Design Trends – Wood Is Featuring In 2021

Wood Is Making A Design Trend Comeback In Kitchen Renovation In 2021

Open up your favorite interior design magazine and turn on your favorite home remodeling show – there’s a new commonality that you’ll pick up on. When people perform a kitchen remodel, you’ll notice more and more wood being incorporated. Wood is going to make a big comeback in 2021 in kitchens across the country.

Wooden Remodel Design In Kitchens

Wood in kitchens used to be the norm. People started moving away from wood and instead opted for tile, marble, granite, and plastics.

Just like other trends in popular culture, we’re starting to see old trends resurface. This is one of the kitchen renovation kitchen trends for 2012 that is showing up again in 2021.

Within the last year, we’ve noticed a big uptick in how much wood is used after a kitchen renovation. It might be because wood can give that rustic feel and add texture to the design.

The Power of Wood in Kitchen Renovations

Wooden features in kitchen remodels
Credit: Remodelista

The material itself is ideal for a kitchen. Not only does wood have a great look to it, but it also has a lot of physical properties that are desirable.

The material is strong, inexpensive, and comes in a variety of natural colors. It’s really easy to manufacture and machine, and there’s no limit to what it can be made into.

Additionally, wood can pair nicely with dozens of different styles. Bohemian, modern, Scandinavian, European, rustic, or even antique styles can benefit from wood.

Wood lasts a long time, so there’s no worry about how it will look in a decade. In fact, as wood ages, it becomes even more desirable.

Wooden Cabinets Are Becoming The Feature Of New Kitchens

Credit : FrenchyFancy

Until recently, people did everything in their power to hide the fact that their cabinets were wood. They might add paint, a dark glaze, or glass to the cabinets to minimize the amount of wood.

If nothing else, the wood cabinets were never the focal point of a kitchen. Designers would try to mask the wood and have it blend into the background.

Now, we’re seeing more power given to wooden cabinets. You might find a kitchen that is designed entirely around the cabinets. There is an emphasis on the fact that they’re made out of wood.

We’re also seeing fewer designers paint their wooden cabinets. Showing the natural grains and color of the wood looks incredible in a kitchen.

Using upper and lower cabinets to tell the full story is a great way to tie your kitchen together.

The wooden cabinets also play nicely off the different types of floors. A light oak cabinet looks gorgeous next to white marble flooring. It keeps the elegance and adds an additional layer of flavor and taste.

Ideas For Exquisite Wooden Kitchen Renovation Finishes

Credit: Remodelista Photography by Amelia Stanwix of Studio Ezra

It isn’t just the cabinets that are seeing more wood – all around the kitchen we’re seeing finishes and pieces that incorporate wood.

It’s not an unfamiliar sight to see wooden floors in a kitchen. People are stepping away from tile or laminate and opting for gorgeous wooden floors.

You can use wooden chairs or stools instead of metal or plastic. Again, this helps tie the kitchen together.

Knife blocks, butcher blocks, and cutting boards are opting for wood rather than metal or plastic. You can have some fun with the tones used in the different woods across the kitchen.

Using lighter cabinets, darker floors, and unique wood finishes would look perfect for the right kitchen.

Don’t be afraid of using wooden countertops where it makes sense. In the right region, it will look perfect. Make sure you give it a good glaze and make the counter shine and keep its color.

Using wooden shelves, trim, or moulding is a smart way to give a subtle addition of wood to your kitchen.

Telling A Story With Wood In Your Renovation

There is a notable trend of designers using wood that has a story.

If someone is doing kitchen remodeling in a historical town, they might look to salvage wood. They could use wood from old buildings, old pieces, or old decor and transform it into a piece in the kitchen.

For example, someone might use reclaimed wood from an old barn to create a kitchen table. The owners of the house now have a piece of history in their home that’s functional and looks great. When guests compliment the table, they have a fun story to share.

The same example can be used for someone who is performing a kitchen remodel on an old house. The designer might take old wooden beams that were used and create a statement piece in the kitchen with it. 


Don’t be surprised when you visit a friend’s house after a remodel and their kitchen has wood in it. Wood is making a comeback in kitchens in 2021, and we’re very excited about it. There are so many places where wood can be used, and it helps the kitchen look luxurious and well thought out.

10 Kitchen Design Trends To Expect in 2021

10 Kitchen Design Trends To Expect in 2021

Anyone looking at kitchen design in 2021 will see two specific themes at play. These themes present a difficult choice between rustic and warm or sleek and modern. At the center of the debate, there is the question of how a kitchen should be used. We may want to ensure that it is hygienic and efficient – a theme that might only increase as we move into next year. Or, some may want their kitchen to continue as an inviting, living space. A space that is both fun and picturesque. Whichever side you fall on, here are ten kitchen remodeling tips that can help you bring warmth or elegance to your design.

Hardware – Brass or Brushed Steel?

Brass hardware once fell into the faux-vintage style very popular in the 1980s. but it could look cheap and tacky, often down to designers trying to emulate opulence. But brass has made a comeback since late 2019. Makers of hardware have avoided the sheen of 80s brass and opted for its more natural, mellow hue. This has given brass fittings a more warm and inviting feel. If you are looking for something more minimalistic and functional, then you should consider brushed steel. As with many examples of the ‘sleek and modern’ in this list, brushed steel hardware draws its inspiration from functionality. It is brutalist, full of raw, natural drama, and reminiscent of a working kitchen.

Natural Textures

Naturalistic material extends to other areas of the kitchen. This has included unvarnished wood paneling and cupboard doors, book-matched marble tiling, and upcycled, unpainted storage crates. The subtle variations of each unique material draw the eye, and there is a sensory, tactile element to the variation as well. A mix of carefully chosen materials adds a sense of contrast if you are looking for depth in each element.

Muted and Dark Colors

As popular as white kitchens remain, many designers are choosing subtle shades for their upholstery and surfaces. This can range from a dramatic but rich hunter green or navy, earth tones such as chocolate or muted mustard. For those looking for a sense of coolness of the scale colors like oyster white and blue-green for their tiling or floor.

Contrast and Color Pops

With a delicate color scheme, be it with shades of white or a flourish of marine, you can make a memorable statement by offering a little bold color. This might be as simple as a careful selection of colored cookbooks or utensils in bold colors like fiesta red or lemon yellow. Others have praised the use of bold colors when it comes to window or door frames as a subtle, unobtrusive way to brighten up the kitchen.

Off-Set Shapes

A lot of the design trends over the past decade have drawn a lot from the Scandinavian obsession with geometry. Traditional kitchen designers have focused on color palettes and grand symmetry and ostentation. In contrast, modern design has focused on the joy of shape itself and how to play with simple shapes in unconventional ways. This might be an L-shaped kitchen island or a more ambitious angled breakfast bar, geometric, offset cabinetry for a futuristic feel.

Statement Hoods

These made an impact over the past couple of years but 2020 has seen some playful innovations when it comes to shape and material. Materials that have been popular have included steel, or even natural wood housing around the vents. A little natural shading works well – coal-black or pine if you want to complement a warm kitchen aesthetic. Shape-wise, there have been some bold ideas that have gone beyond the trapezium. One that has taken off is the cylindrical hood. Whilst the idea is not new to kitchen remodeling, it is an elegant addition to a sleek kitchen. They can also be easily mounted or realigned, and doubled up. The same is true of the Chandelier style extraction canopy, which both draws the eye with a flash of glamor and serves its function effortlessly.

Performance Counter Tops

In the theme of ‘sleek and functional’, the high-performance countertop has become a firm favorite in kitchen design. The counter is the central point of a kitchen and states the theme for the rest of the decor. If you are to have a cool, functional theme across the room, then a simple nano-glass top in white will resist stains and reflect light. High-performance need not always be cold. Though marble has divided opinion at times, it retains a consistent value in interior design. Picked carefully, a colored marble with a striking grain pattern can liven up and add richness to your color scheme. Some good examples of this include Swedish Green or even a salmon and rose Etowah.

Bold Backsplashes

You can also use marble if you are looking for a dynamic backsplash. A single slab can look magnificent if chosen carefully. If you want to produce a wonderfully dramatic contrast, couple your features with a pronounced grain marble backsplash. Examples of marble where this can work effectively, are Lilac Marble and Negro Marquina. Beyond marble, if you want an assuredly warm backsplash, you might choose terracotta tiling. The rustic Mediterranean style has waned in recent years. But terracotta can be used to fit in with modern farmhouse aesthetics if paired with warm-toned cupboards and upholstery. This can also fit in with the Scandi Hygge aesthetic as well.

Pronounced Lighting Features

Light fittings in kitchens need not be hidden or tucked away anymore. Designers have harnessed a wonderful surge of creativity over the past year when it comes to how lighting fixtures are presented. In 2020, designers have embraced vintage-style brass light fittings, extraordinary overhead lighting rails, or pendant lights with decadent encasements. This extends to lamps as well as overhead lighting. The designer lamp is no longer relegated to the lounge but has now made its way to the breakfast bar and the counter-top. It brings an added layer of warmth and charm to a kitchen and claims it is a ‘lived-in’ space. A space where, after the cooking is done, you can relax with a coffee and a cookbook as the evening sets in.

French Provincial Furniture

The idea of a ‘lived-in’ kitchen may not appeal to those who admire simplicity and functionality. But for those who want to bring a palatial accent to their space, it is worth investing in some character furniture. Luckily a lot can be bought secondhand and reupholstered with very little fuss. Some examples, such as weathered kitchen benches or mismatching kitchen table chairs give an impression that is at once classy and rustic. If you are looking to keep some formality to your kitchen, the key is uniformity. You may find examples of Chateau furniture sets that can be painted and reupholstered to match your surfaces and fittings. Lighter colors here, especially shades of white will give you that classic Hamptons feel. This can extend to pantry shelving as well as breakfast bar stools or kitchen table seating.