One of the most important parts of the kitchen is the sink and faucet. There is no debate on this because many of us can relate to its vital function. This is where our food preparation starts and ends. From cleaning the fresh ingredients, kitchen wares, and sanitizing the kitchen surroundings, this is where we run to. 

You can see different kitchen inspirations on magazines and different platforms, but is it the right kitchen sink and faucet to install in your kitchen?  You are of the fact that not because it looks fancy or modern instantly means it’s applicable. Luckily, here’s a guide that we’ll be sharing with you to help you choose what’s right for your kitchen!


Gold Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

The right kitchen sink and faucet should give you space for cleaning kitchen materials and ingredients as well as an additional statement to your kitchen. This Gold Double Bowl Kitchen Sink by Lavello is a good example of that.

Putting this in your kitchen will add elegance and design. This is perfect for medium and large kitchens. It is an example of an environmentally- friendly PVC sink that is equipped with sound-absorbing technology that can withstand vibrations and reduce noise. Its classy gold coating is made with high-tech nanotechnology.

What makes this suitable is that it can be installed on your kitchen benchtop or laundry area.  And if you want to have this soon, you may want to check it out on TAP & SINK


Black Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

The black color effortlessly gives an elegant look. Just like this Black Double Bowl Kitchen Sink installed on the kitchen in a marble countertop. This is the right kitchen sink and faucet to choose from if you want both class and simplicity.

The internal edges of this sink are hand-crafted to ensure its quality and function. Its design can avoid residue build-up as well as grimes which helps in reducing your cleaning time in the kitchen. Choosing this is a great idea, so just find TAP and SINK  and add them to your cart. 


Metallic Black Quartz Granite Single Bowl Sink with Drain Board

If you’re looking for the right kitchen sink and faucet that will perfectly sit in your kitchen’s countertop, this Metallic Black Quartz Granite Single Bowl with Drain Board is the perfect one for you. It is made from high-quality acrylic and mixes of granite stone. And because of its durable construction, you can expect it to resist acids, scratches, stains, and alkali.

Can other kitchen sinks do that? However, sinks like this require professional installers. So if you need one, you can tap our friendly professionals below.

  •  Trade Winds Plumbing – his company accepts residential and commercial projects such as kitchen, bathroom, residential, large scale renovations, hydraulic services, gas fitting, commercial kitchen, project, duplex , and home developments, new homes, and large scale luxury residences. Not just that, you can also depend on them during emergency plumbing’ and maintenance.  


White Granite Stone Kitchen Sink with Drain Board

Dreaming of a right kitchen sink and faucet that can be under or top-mounted? This White Granite Stone Kitchen Sink with Drain Board is the perfect one for your kitchen! Protected with a 15-year warranty program, you can be sure that this sink will last a long time. Its elegant white finish is admirable.

But what more if you knew that it is super easy to clean, eco-friendly, and can resist foul smell? This is not your ordinary sink because you will not be dealing with rusty, fast-wearing, and failing joints.  You just have to make sure that you seek professional help in installing this sink and faucet. You can try this below.

  • Leo Sommer Plumbing – expert solutions in plumbing are what you get from these professionals. Be it gas fitting, commercial, or residential plumbing, they got your back. They also have solutions for blockages and do repairs. 


Round Single Bowl

Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t have a good-looking sink and faucet. Cheer up! The right kitchen sink and faucet for you is this Round Single Bowl. This is multipurpose for it can be used in the laundry or in your kitchen.

You can mount it on top or under. Plus it is made with granite quartz stone so there’s no question of durability. This would blend well on rustic, woody, or minimalist kitchens. Very simple, yet so classy when installed in your kitchen!

Getting this is as easy as counting one, two, and three. You can order this on My Homeware where you can find not just sinks and unique-looking faucets, but also different kitchen materials. 


Snova White Single Square Bowl

You can make your kitchen island fancy by putting the right kitchen sink and faucet. With this Snova White ingle Square Bowl, you can keep your kitchen countertop clean and classy. This faucet and sink can be installed under, top, or flush.

It is made from high-quality granite quartz stone so even if its colour looks delicate, it can resist rusts, scratches, and stains. Simplicity at its finest is what you get from this kitchen sink. And as for its capacity, it can hold up to 25 liters of liquid. 


Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

You can never go wrong with a stainless steel kitchen sink. This kitchen sink offers plenty of space for your food preparation needs such as cleaning kitchen utensils, draining boiled ingredients, and other stuff.

It looks clean and so easy to maintain. It offers a draining board, sink, and drainer that is so convenient to use. Making it perfect for commercial and residential establishments.

For your safety, it is tested and certified safe under Australian standards. So if you belong in a household whose passion is cooking, let this kitchen sink spoil you in your everyday cooking journey! 


Double Bowl Topmount Sink with Drainer

Kitchens with contemporary or minimalist designs deserve this Double Bowl Topmount Sink with Drainer. It offers a unique-looking sink that you can’t find in regular shops. Surely, your guests will admire this in your kitchen. And to inspire you more, this sink is not like your regular sink because scratches, impacts, and heat won’t intimidate it.

Thanks to its moulded granite construction that makes it long-lasting. You’ll be surprised to know that this sink is reversible. Just so you know, it is made with 20% resin, and 80% quartz & granite particles. The installation would be much easier if you let the professionals handle it. You can seek help below.

  • Blue Diamond Plumbing – sink installation is an easy job with Blue Diamond Plumbing.  They are specialized with different types of sinks like a pedestal, top-mount, under-mount, all-in-one sink, and wall-mounted. Plus you can have a custom-made sink that will suit your needs in the kitchen or bathroom.  


Deep Sink

This deep sink by Blanco offers an extra-large bowl to help you prepare for big batches of ingredients. It comes with an X-pattern drain groove that makes draining 2x faster.

Made from 18/10 chrome-nickel and 18-gauge stainless steel so expect it to last in your kitchen, this is another good choice option. It is durable, strong, and classy. Plus it offers an under-mount installation.  


Kitchen sinks and faucets play a big role in the kitchen, especially in food preparation. So it is necessary to find the right kitchen sink and faucet that will match your needs. With these ideas that we have shared with you, we hope you’ll find it easier to choose!