Worktop, kitchen bench, counter, and countertop, are the other terms for the benchtop we commonly use. But no matter how many words we use to name it, we cannot deny its significance in the kitchen. From food preparation to serving delicious meals, this is where the cooking starts and ends. And you will agree that the kitchen will not be the same without it.

If you’re into remodeling, investing in the best benchtop for your kitchen is a good decision. It will spice up not just the look but also make every cooking moment exciting. And you’ll be glad to know that we have prepared this article to help you get the best from our handpicked choices! 

Marble Benchtop

There are many reasons why you should choose marble benchtops. Like this kitchen designed by Michael Moran, you can see how elegant the marble looks on benchtops. This by far could be the best benchtop for your kitchen because it can resist heat and absorb heat.

Compared to other materials, it is durable and strong. You will have no issue regarding the design of your kitchen because its beauty alone can level up the look of a plain kitchen. It remains cool and so easy to clean. You are not to judge if you want this too. So if you’re looking for professionals to make one for you, you can try this!

  • Avrio – with Avrio, you can have luxurious-looking and high-class marble tops. They offer different colors and will help you design your dream benchtop. They are known for mastering the art of benchtop making with marbles and leave every customer satisfied with the incomparable beauty of their marble benchtop. You will not lose your temper over failed expectations because they offer vein matching to help you visualize your kitchen benchtop through digital software. As for their services, they accept plumbing, demolition, backsplash, and countertop installation.

Laminate Benchtop

If you’re on a tight budget the best benchtop for your kitchen is the laminate. Of all materials, this will help you save money at the same time beautify your benchtop. You might be wondering how it looks in the kitchen. Well, this kitchen design from Trends Kitchen will prove to you that even it’s cheaper in price, it can look fancy.

They can resist stain and wear. Plus they are also easy to clean. And if you want your kitchen to look expensive, no problem! Because it can be of any design and is easier to install. Speaking of laminate kitchen benchtops, here’s where you can count on them if you want them in your kitchen.

  • Konnect Kitchen Store – provides ready-to-use benchtop surfaces that you will love in your kitchen. They don’t just produce high-quality benchtop surfaces but are also affordable. The good thing about their product is you have plenty of options for finishes, texture, and colour.  You can choose from Washed Oak, Everest, Abressco, Snow White, Natural Oak, Grey Concrete, Aged Oak, Silver, White Concrete, and Turin Oak. 

  • Kitchen Connection, LCC – after a good find on laminate benchtop surfaces, you will need a professional installer. This is what kitchen connection is known at. Their services are admired by commercial and residential owners. And why not? Because they also customize benchtops, kitchen cabinets, offices, bathrooms, and more.

Stainless Steel Benchtop

By observing the restaurants, fast food chains, and chef kitchens, you will easily identify the material used in their benchtops. And you are right! If your job is related to them or simply attracted to its finish, the best benchtop for your kitchen is stainless steel. In terms of appearance, it gives a sleek and clean look in the kitchen. It is easier to maintain and proven heat-resistant. 

Just take a look at this stainless steel benchtop in Auckland, it looks simple yet so classy. And anyone who takes a glance will agree that it has a clean finish. You can also have this at home with the help of the professionals below.

  • Kings Custom –  with its tagline “skilled craftsmanship”, it embodies its promise to deliver fine design and fine quality benchtop for kitchen. Also, they provide texture examples to help you choose what’s best for your kitchen. And if you want to have a unique look, you can try brass, alloys, and steel. As for their service, they offer installation, templating, and delivery.

Timber Bench Tops

For nature-lover people, the best benchtop for your kitchen is timber. This kitchen look by Nullarbor Timber is an example of a timber benchtop. And as you can see, even if the walls are plain, it adds a sophisticated detail to the kitchen. We bet that if this is what you have in your kitchen, you’ll feel like a chef in a studio every time you showcase your cooking skill!

However, the only down part in owning one of these is the yearly maintenance. To maintain its gloss and elegant look in the kitchen, it has to be recoated, sanded, and apply food-safe oil. But these aren’t an issue if you can have a beautiful benchtop right? So here’s you can call if you’re determined to have one. 

  • Timber Benchtops Australia – ensures they deliver jaw-dropping and custom-designed timber benchtops to your kitchen. They are committed to spoiling commercial and residential owners with the timeless beauty and functionality of their benchtops. They use high-grade materials in every detail of their work without charging a high price. How do you like that? 

Polished Concrete Bench Top

This benchtop design will prove to you that you can still get a fine design without using granite or other stone materials. Aside from it looks amazing, it will cost you less to have one and help you save energy. You might be wondering how it is connected to energy consumption.

You will be surprised that it has the ability to influence the lighting in your area. So technically, it is a boss move if you choose this over other benchtop materials. You can start saving with the help of the professional below! 

  • Techstone Moulding  – if you want to save money at the same time get a nice-looking polished concrete benchtop in your kitchen, Techstone Moulding is the answer. They don’t just make beautiful benchtops but also long-lasting benchtops! This is possible because of their effort in reinforcing additives land fiberglass to strengthen the foundation.  

Stone Bench Top

What’s the best benchtop for your kitchen if you’re into luxurious design and long-lasting? That would be the stone benchtop. As we all know, the stone is an example of hard matter that can withstand any type of weather. And what more if used as a benchtop?

It will look stunning in your kitchen. With this as your benchtop, it can resist heat and stain. If you aren’t sure how it would turn out, you can check out this beautiful kitchen by Brendan Ray.  Here are the professionals you can tap if you want to get this look in your kitchen.

  • Australian Stone – be quartz, granite, or marble stone, they can turn it into a seamlessly elegant benchtop for your kitchen. But if you want to extend the elegance in your house, they can help you customize your bar tops, furniture, bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry. 
  • Bunnings – when it comes to customization, Bunnings will never let you down. They will help you get your dream benchtop that would be possible with your budget.  All you need to do is think of the design and let them fill the picture! 

Benchtops are undeniably essential in the kitchen. So it is not too much to ask if you want to get the best benchtop for your kitchen. With these materials we have suggested, we hope you can find what you’re looking for!