There’s one place in our house where we can see the pile of dirty dishes and other kitchen utensils. We bet you can relate to the moments when you and your siblings played rock, paper, and scissors to determine the lucky dishwasher. Funny how you can imagine it, but this is a common scenario happening in your kitchen.  

But of course, time flies, and your kitchen sink deteriorate or go out of fashion. Making you realize to grab the opportunity to include this in your kitchen remodeling mission. Although different types of sinks can be installed, the battle between drop-in kitchen sink vs. undermount kitchen sink is what many of us consider. If you’re one of them, let this be your guide in choosing what’s best to apply! Now, shall we start? 

Why choose drop-in kitchen sink? 

In the tug of war between drop-in kitchen sink vs. undermount kitchen sink, your first choice may be the drop-in. Well, if you happened to buy a kitchen sink, you will notice its rim or what they call lips. Just like this beautiful kitchen by Signature Hardware shows off its elegant black kitchen sink made from granite composite. If you will choose the drop-in sink, you should expect that the lips will be visible on your countertop just like what you see in the picture. Let’s make it easy by giving you the pros and cons as well as the professionals that can help you with the installation. 


  • It is more economical because it doesn’t need much support for its rim helps in keeping it in place
  • Most of these sinks don’t need cast ironing but just silicone caulk and metal clip support
  • It sits flat on your countertop so cleaning it is much easier compared to the under-mount sink
  • The edges of your countertop are invisible 
  • They are more customizable compared to under-mount sinks
  • They can be made from stainless steel, granite, porcelain, or other stones
  • It is easier to install
  • It doesn’t need extra support unlike with under-mount sinks


  • The rim is visible to the naked eye
  • Unlike with under-mount, it takes much space in the countertop. 
  • They are usually heavy so you need to make sure that your countertop would be able to support them
  • This is not a good option if you have a small kitchen
  • You need to clean the edges blocking around it to make sure nothing gets stuck


The Friendly Professionals

The installation process and maintenance are not something you can easily do all by yourself, so here are the professionals you can call for help.

  • Airtasker – be it with your sink installation, maintenance, repair, house painting, plumbing, kitchen appliance repairs, this company will help you get through all these. They are trusted by different personalities for their commitment to service and giving satisfaction to every commercial or residential owner.
  •  Lucas Plumbing and Gas Solutions – if you’re on a limited budget, they are the ones who can help you. They are experts with gas and plumbing so you can rely on them in times of emergency or house renovations. They also do kitchen, bathroom renovations, gas services, and fixture installations. The good thing about them is they also supply sinks that you can use in your kitchen. They offer under-mount, top-mount, island bar, double basin, corner, integrated, and drainboard sinks.  So expect that your kitchen will look greater than before after they apply their expertise. 
  • Quintessential Plumbing – this company is trusted for its great plumbing services. They can help you with the installation, repair, and maintenance. Each of their tradesmen is high-trained professionals who are engaged in giving satisfactory results to every project given. They use the latest technology and tools to help you achieve your dream kitchen sink. 


Why choose undermount kitchen sink?

Choosing under-mount between drop-in kitchen sink vs. undermount kitchen sink is also a great idea. And just to show you how classy it would look on your countertop. here’s a kitchen inspiration with an under-mount sink from Vellamo Terra installed on a countertop. The color of its faucet as well as the sink goes well with the solid countertop. It looks clean and glamorous at the same time, making it a perfect addition to almost every kitchen. But why is it a boss move to choose this? Here are the facts that that would help you decide. 


  • The lip is invisible in the naked eye
  • It gives more space in the kitchen
  • Perfect for small kitchens, contemporary, or minimalist type of kitchen
  • They seamlessly fit in almost every kitchen 
  • They come in different designs and are made from different materials
  • It offers a wide selection in design, texture, color, size, and feature
  • This will give you more ideas to customize your kitchen’s sink like changing the position of your faucet
  • They are so easy to clean because the rim is hidden
  • They never go out of style


  • You will spend time cleaning the gap in its edges with a toothbrush because it traps food residue.
  • Food build-ups will be a constant problem 
  • You need a sturdy countertop to install this like those made from natural stones, quartz, granite, or other solid surfaces. 
  • The edges of your kitchen’s countertop are exposed
  • Requires special adhesive, sturdy metal clips, and caulk to keep it in place
  • You need to replace the caulk every after three years to prevent rotting due to food build-up
  • You need to seek help from a professional in installing this type of sink because if not, it would be a total failure.
  • Without sturdy support, this will crash down in your kitchen 
  • The installation will take a few hours to complete 
  • They are more expensive compare to drop-in sinks

The Friendly Professionals

Undermount sinks will look great in your kitchen. However, you’ll be needing help from professionals if you want to have a successful installation. And to help you with that, here are your options.

  • ProGroup – kitchen remodeling and appliance installation are easy for ProGroup. They offer services like kitchen altercations, cooktop installation, installation for freestanding cookers, range hoods, stone benchtops, pantries, and dishwashers. Here, you can get the quality and design that will please your standards. The good thing about them is you can consult online and get a quotation to help you get an idea of how much your kitchen project would cost. 
  • National Plumbing – offers reliable services like general plumbing, maintenance, and emergency repairs. With just one call, they’ll be right at your door in just a few minutes. They can also help you with leaking issues, blocked drainage, hot water, toilet repairs, roof repair, and does inspection. They ensure high-quality service for a price you can afford! 
  • Omega Services – this company boasts its fast and dependable service. They provide satisfactory results with every service they offer. And if you have issues with the mess after work, feel free to know that their tradesmen clean up the mess and wear boot covers to keep your place tidy. As for their services offer hot water, drains, heating, electrical, air conditioning, and plumbing services. 


Between the battle of drop-in kitchen sink vs. undermount kitchen sink, we can feel confused if we don’t know their pros and cons. Both of them will do in the kitchen. However, we hope that you can tell the difference and find the suitable one for your kitchen countertop with the information we have provided!