The kitchen sink has many functions for us. In our household at least, a kitchen sink is used for preparing meals, washing hands, and sometimes even bathing babies and puppies. When the time comes and you consider remodeling your kitchen by replacing an old sink, oftentimes, our choices are made based on certain needs and factors that are important to us and other household members.

For example, if you think that you need more space and you want to utilize an unused corner, a Corner Sink might be the perfect solution for your new kitchen. Your kitchen layout can influence the right type of sink you need to install. Several types of sinks can offer the best remodeling solution based on installation, fabrication, configuration, placement, and materials used in manufacturing the sink. So, check and find out the right type of sink for you.

Kitchen Sink Based on Installation

This type of kitchen sink is installed underneath the counter.  It means that the edge of the sink is hidden when it was installed. This makes the counter look sleek and seamless the same reason homeowners prefer to have it. It provides ease when cleaning. You can swiftly clean the counter with a sponge or rug straight to the sink without any rim getting in the way.



It is best suitable if you have a solid surface, marble, or granite countertops and is less recommended to be installed with laminated or wooden countertops because of potential water damage. Undermount sinks are made available in different types of materials like stainless steel, cast iron, solid surface, and copper that can match the style you want for your kitchen. 

Also called the drop-in sink is one of the most common types of kitchen sinks we use in our households. The rim or the edge of the sink is visible and attached on top of the counter, hence the name.



This type of sink is the most affordable and easier to install, although we do not recommend a Do-it-Yourself installation to avoid damage to your countertop especially if you splurge a considerable amount for it. But it is recommended for almost all types of counters including laminated and wooden. 


Kitchen Sink Based on Fabrication

It is a popular sink wherein a thin single stainless sheet is pressed and molded using a hydraulic machine.



Oliveri, an expert in manufacturing pressed bowl sink from Australia offers a wide variety of quality kitchen sink with unique designs and colors.

Like the press sink, it is made of stainless steel but fabricated by hand using a laser welding machine. The surface of the steel is manually brushed forming some visible lines which create texture in the basin.



This is a typical kitchen sink used mainly for function and is a suitable preference for someone who likes simplicity.


Kitchen Sink Based on Configuration

The sink appears as a single basin with no division. Washing a big pot will not be a problem as it can accommodate plenty of kitchen wares and large capacity of household who loves to host guests for dinner parties.



The downside of single bowl sinks is the lack of a drying section, so be prepared to have a separate drying dish. 

It is the most preferred type of kitchen sink among household owners because of its flexibility. Its dual basins allow sharing of tasks if you want to play romantic in the sink.



You can use one side for washing and the other side for rinsing or drying.  Its multi-function feature appeals to those individuals who love to multitask as they can peel vegetables on the other side while fill water in a casserole for boiling.

Kitchen Sink Based on Placement

As the name implies, a corner sink is installed in the corner of the countertop. Using a Single or Double basin configuration on the corner spot of your kitchen is entirely up to you.



This type of sink is ideal for a small kitchen where every single space must be utilized. It is commonly customized depending on the kitchen layout making it a little challenging to install. 

A kitchen island makes a contemporary kitchen complete. It sits in the middle of the kitchen where you can also attach a sink.  It functions as a food prep center where you peel and slice your ingredients then wash them in the sink.



Everything is within your reach. It maximizes the space as well as your motion. The Kitchen Island sink is the most perfect setup for a multi-purpose space and an efficient kitchen. 


Kitchen Sink Based on Materials

A material made from metal and widely used for several applications such as countertops and kitchen sinks. Its long-lasting quality makes it a popular choice for kitchen sinks because it is slightly cheaper than porcelain and even less expensive than solid surface or granite.



Although it is not as dainty as ceramic or as unique as copper, yet it is durable and can still be stylish enough to fit most kitchen interiors. It is easy to say that it is worth the value of your money if ever you pick this one. 

Porcelain Sink like Ceramic Sink is made of clay only that porcelain has a silica-based mineral content called Kaolin. It is molded and baked under extreme heat temperature then glazed for a smooth glossy finish. It is heavier than Stainless steel and ideal for a drop-in or top-mount installation rather than an under-mount sink.



It is non-porous which makes it suitable for areas that usually get wet. Although Porcelain sink is susceptible to chip or crack, it still makes a strong option because it is durable and can last for years and years. And it has a wide variety of colors that can suit the scheme of your kitchen.

 This kitchen sink is made from a foundation of iron alloy with an added layer of porcelain enamel which makes it very durable and heavy. Cast Iron sink is coated with porcelain enamel that protects the inner layers and gives the surface its smooth and glossy finish. It is more suitable for a drop-in installation and requires caulk to seal the gap between the rim of the sink and the countertop.



Undermount installation can also be an option, however, it is more difficult and expensive. Another benefit of using a Cast Iron sink is its flexibility in the range of colors. The enamels can be customized and match the tone of your kitchen design. It also has a high resistance to stain so you don’t have to worry about ketchup or spaghetti sauce the next time you leave an unwashed dish in the sink.