Whether you have a small or big kitchen, there’s one thing that should not be missing. If you’re thinking about pans, pots, and griddles, you’re halfway there because they are useless without the stove in the equation! Choosing between range top vs cooktop may be an arduous decision, for you will be using it for a long time. So if you’re in the tug of war between the two, this article is for you! 

We know how much your kitchen means to you for it is where you express your creativity and produce mouth-watering meals for your family and guests. So we will help you choose the right one for you by explaining the details and giving you options! How do like that? 

The Range Top

Range top vs Cooktop, which one is the best? Let’s start by giving a chance to range tops. This classic kitchen design by Jonathan McGrath Construction shows the look of range tops when installed in the kitchen. Cooktops and range tops may look related. But you can easily identify a range top with its controls. How?

Compared to cooktops, their controls are placed out front or have front-facing knobs. Also, they commonly have a built-in grill or griddle. As for the burner, the range top moves forward for it boasts its all-power burners. Cooktops commonly have one, so it’s safe to say that it’s better to use if you’re in a big household with a big batch of cooking every day.

However, for range tops to be installed, you need to finalize their position because you’ll be taking off a few of your kitchen’s or fill the a gap in your kitchen. 

If you have no idea where to get the best range tops, you can choose from Miele. But aside from this top brand, there are additional good choices for you that you would prefer to check out!  

    • Miele HR 1956-2 G Dual Fuel Range – this dual fuel range top stove comes with not just four but six mighty burners. And if you want to cook steaks and barbecues for your fancy home date, its griddle won’t let you down. It is equipped with a wireless precision probe that effectively renders precise temperature in cooking. Plus a multicolored TFT touch display that will easily present to you the presets and other programs.


    • BlueStar RNB304BV2 – you will love this gas range top for you have the privilege to customize it from knob colors, trim, cook options, burner placement, door, and back guards! It’s perfect for kitchens at home or restaurants. The brand itself ensures durability and functionality for it has been reigning since 1880. Aside from that, every range tops is guaranteed handcrafted. 

    • Miele HR 1724 Electric Range – this electric range offers a self-cleaning feature that will definitely cut down your cleaning chores in the kitchen. You’ll find it very easy to use because of the easy open and close function made possible by the vibration and noise absorbers. It flexes its roomful space for cooking and fast heating time. So there will be no issue if your guests come unexpectedly.


    • GE Profile PGS930YPFS  – this range top will leave your worries about your fingerprint traces on the range because it is of its fingerprint-resistant stainless finish. It comes with a built-in Wi-Fi that will simplify your cooking task. The good thing about this is it doesn’t require preheating in its air fry. Thanks to its fast heating feature! 

    The Cooktop

    If you haven’t made up your mind in choosing between range top vs cooktop notwithstanding the range top features that we have explained, maybe you can decide better after learning about the cooktops.

    Compared to range tops, cooktops will give you more time to chill because they are easier to clean, especially the electric ones. You will admire them in your kitchen for they are built-in. If range tops have their controls out front, the controls of the cooktops are on the same surface. In terms of space-saving, they are more ideal because they require less.

    Just like this white kitchen island design from Homedit. Very classy and space-saving because it is installed on the island where you and your family could dine and do your kitchen bond. 

    Stop imagining! You can make those happy thoughts in your come true with these beautiful and dependable cooktops from Bosch

    • Bosch NGMP677UC Gas Cooktop – Introduces a gas cooktop with a sophisticated dark silver finish that will prove love-at-first-sight does exist. This cooktop comes with not just six but nine accurate power levels. This will permit you to achieve perfection in cooking with its flame select feature. And not to mention that it is equipped with tempered glass to deliver an impressive look to your kitchen.


    • Bosch NGMP656UC Gas Cooktop  if you’re not a fan of dark silver then maybe the stainless finish of this cooktop would pass on your standards. It flexes its dual-stacked burner that gives you a better option in cooking whether on high heat or low simmer. With its OptiSim, you can control the flame and prevent scorching. And if the flame goes out, you wouldn’t need a matchstick or lighter because of its automatic re-ignition. 


    • Bosch NITP669UC Induction Cooktop – in the battle between range top vs. cooktop, many of you would agree that this cooktop sets a new standard. Why? Because its flexible cooking zone will break the rule in placing cookware. Usual cooktops and range tops come with burners where you’re expected to put the cookware. But with this, you can place it wherever you want as long as it is on! It heats pots and pans quicker. Plus it is equipped with an Autochef sensor that automatically adjusts the temperature for consistent perfection in cooking.

    • Bosch NETP668SUC Electric Cooktop – this cooktop will prove to you that black is elegance. With its sleek design, it can give your kitchen a professional look. It is powered by electricity so there is no problem if you’re out of gas. It is built with ceramic glass for easy cleaning and smart technology that helps in keeping every food you cook looking superb. It also boasts its precise select feature that gives access to choosing different power levels. You will be amazed by its wide LED display for it is well illuminated and shows cleartext. And you’re not yet impressed, you don’t have to worry if you have issues in turning off the cooktop because each cooking zone automatically turns off when done. 

    • Bosch NIT5469UC 24” Induction Cooktop – having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t have a smart cooktop. With this 24” black cooktop from Bosch, you can cook efficiently and save energy at the same time. With its induction technology, it will heat up your pans and pots, not the cooktop itself. And if you’re expecting a visitor in a few hours, its speed boost feature will make sure the food will be served on time. Another interesting feature of this cooktop is its ability to save your last selected setting for easy use. 

    The tug of war between choosing range top vs cooktop may be hard without knowing their pros and cons. But with the details and options, we have shared with you, we hope that it would be more comfortable for you to choose the right one for your kitchen! Have fun with your kitchen remodeling!