As cliché as it may sound, the kitchen is truly the heart of every household. It is where we depend on our lives when our stomach makes that growling sound. And it’s only natural that we spend a little TLC on this special part of the house no matter how big or small it is. To remodel your kitchen, here’s a must-read 30+ tips for you. 

  • Plan your budget.

Avoid overspending by planning the scale of the project whether it’s a low, medium, or high-end kitchen you are after. A simple repainting cost less than installing a new countertop or upgrading kitchen appliances.

  • Keep abreast of the latest kitchen trends.

The world of kitchen improvement keeps on coming up with new technology. You’ll be surprised to find high-end appliances that look sleek, eco-friendly, and with an energy-saver feature. It does not only elevate your kitchen function but also helps you save money. 

  • Look for free professional kitchen guide.

Big home improvement establishments offer free advice as part of promotions. Their highly specialized know-how in kitchen remodeling improvements can provide you guides in kitchen design, layout, or installation services.   

  • Choose between mixed or matching kitchen appliance.

Mixed or Matching kitchen appliance has its pros and cons. Matching appliances can have a more unified look although it may limit your choices if you are, let’ say, in need of built-in types. If you are particular about certain features of an appliance, you can opt for mixed appliances that have either standard or high-tech modern features.

  • Display kitchen wares as pieces of art.

Platters can be hanged and displayed on the wall as if they are pieces of art. It would be an instant eye-catcher and a decorative feature to your kitchen.

  • Upgrade your kitchen sink.

Remodeling your kitchen can be achieved by simply replacing an old sink as a beautiful centerpiece. There’s a lot of shapes, materials, and styles you can choose from when upgrading a kitchen sink. Of course, the cost will vary depending on the size and material. A high-quality type of sink is more expensive, however, it lasts longer than cheaper ones. 

  • Maximize the function of kitchen island.

The kitchen island can be an instant accent to your kitchen. It is one of the must-haves because it is versatile and multi-functional. It can be a bar, a breakfast table, an extended dining table, and sometimes, a study table when you want to perfect a new recipe. 

  • Customize drawers.

Reorganizing your kitchen is one of the smartest and cheapest remodeling plans you can execute. Having customized storage or drawers for spices, pots, or knives provides a smart solution for a better, cleaner, and more organized kitchen. It creates a pleasant visual appeal and also uplifts the mood. 

  • Add a message board.

The Message Board can add a warm personal touch to your kitchen and can be the family command center at home. You can decorate it with fixtures like clocks, hooks, or with your family memorabilia such as pictures or your son’s old toy like the magnetic alphabet he used to stick in the fridge.  

  • Add plug outlets.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the latest popup electric outlet or ordinary plug outlet, what’s important is its placement to make sure that it will not ruin the style and will not create an eyesore to your kitchen.

  • Use soft color scheme for small kitchen.

Soft tone colors can make a room look bigger while dark tones can do the opposite. A pale blue or a soft tone of beige with natural lighting can make a room visually inviting. 

  • Highlight a focal point.

It could be a patterned backsplash or wallpaper highlighted by pending crystal light. In one of our blog posts (20 Amazing Kitchen Remodel Ideas), a household owner, cut out an oval shape through his kitchen wall which creates a frame and a connection to the rest of the house. 

  • Built space-saving kitchen storage.

Building more space-saving storage and drawers can clear up space that you can use for ‘mise en place’ or cooking preparation.  

  • Accentuate with light.

A natural sun-drenched kitchen always warms and brightens up a room. But a linear pendant or a woven rattan pendant would add a nice touch to your kitchen. 

  • Make the kitchen a living space.

Adding a living thing around the kitchen such as plants or pots of herb can make the room looks refreshing and alive as if it is breathing. Choose indoor plants that are easy to maintain and do not require a lot of sunlight.  

  • Revive a useless space into a cozy breakfast nook.

Turn a useless space in your kitchen into a cozy functional corner. It will surely be a great feature to have where you can have coffee or tea.  You can style it with a mix of old furniture like tables and chairs, and accent it with drop light and cozy pillows. 

  • Display your jars of ingredients.

The easiest way to remodel a kitchen is through décor. You can have a shop-like display of ingredients by putting them in an identical jar with varying sizes and displaying them on an open shelf.

  • Be bold.

The choice of bright orange, green and pink paint mix with patterned wallpaper and flooring is a bold choice for a kitchen remodel. But this eclectic blend of colors still works without clashing its unique playful interior design

  • Hang your pots. 

Hanging your pots can be both functional and stylish. It could be made out of wrought iron or refurbished material which can give you a rustic style. It also frees up some space and fixes your kitchen storage problem. 

  • Make a statement with your retro style fridge.

Remodeling your kitchen can be as refreshing as opening a bottle of beer on a hot summer day. You can style it with bright color, a unique pattern, and a retro-styled refrigerator. You can make an instant conversation piece with this as it stimulates your guests’ visual senses and makes one heart leap a few lines. 

  • Use rattan and natural materials.

Using rattan and natural materials can give your kitchen a nice texture. The casual and cozy style of rattan-made furniture like a lamp, chair, and planter, makes a room look inviting. Plus, it is lightweight, so it’s easy for you to rearrange them.

  • Add a vintage touch. 

Whether you are remodeling a fairly modern kitchen or a 1930’s French barn kitchen, a little vintage touch can give character to your design. It could be a vintage faucet, sink, or stove. These weathered style fixtures hold the charm of the olden days.

  •  Paint it all white.

The all-white kitchen is timeless. It is the safest color scheme you can pull off when remodeling a kitchen. It is like a clean canvas that you can easily accent with another color scheme. You can also add texture by adding a printed rug, or wooden stool.

  • Hide the pantry.

The key to a pleasing sense of order in the kitchen is an organized pantry. Consider the things that should be out of sight like groceries, condiments, cookware, or even dog care items. Figure the size and placement of shelving in the pantry that will make sense and work in your kitchen.

  • Display your wines bottle collection.

Not all kitchen has a space for their collection of wine bottles, but if you do, make it both personal and a design element to your kitchen. Display them in a roll-in cart, or hang them under a cabinet through a stylish rack. 

  • Be a minimalist.

It must be hard to imagine a busy kitchen in a minimalist style. But yes, it is still possible. Think that less is more. The minimalist interior does not mean empty. It appears clean, chic, and classy through elegant finishes, neutral colors, luxurious stone, and modern appliances. 

  • Use neutral color. 

One of the fastest ways to remodel your kitchen is through repainting. Using a neutral color scheme can make your kitchen looks new and chic. It is always on-trend even after a long time.   

  • Double-up beverage fridge.

Kitchen Island can give you more room for storage. It can be your space for an additional fridge for beverages which is great when you are hosting a party. So, you will never run out of cold drinks for your guests. 

  • Display copper wares.

The metal element of copper makes a great interior in your kitchen. It has the characteristic of both classy and vintage. Your adorable collection of copper wares like kettles, canisters, bowls, and pots are a great design element to see whether they are hanging or mounted on an open shelf. 

  • Add a coffee cart.

A customize coffee cart allows you to have all the essentials to make happiness in a mug. This is great for coffee lovers who can enjoy a special nook in the kitchen. It can be moveable when entertaining guests or fixed in one corner. 

  • Don’t put away that chopping boards. 

It is a new and trendy way of remodeling a kitchen. Instead of putting away that hardwood maple chopping board, hang it on display. The natural grain of the wood makes a gorgeous accent and accessory against the wall. It also stands against a white tile backsplash.