Kitchen Remodel Design Trends – Wood Is Featuring In 2021

Kitchen Remodel Design Trends – Wood Is Featuring In 2021

Wood Is Making A Design Trend Comeback In Kitchen Renovation In 2021

Open up your favorite interior design magazine and turn on your favorite home remodeling show – there’s a new commonality that you’ll pick up on. When people perform a kitchen remodel, you’ll notice more and more wood being incorporated. Wood is going to make a big comeback in 2021 in kitchens across the country.

Wooden Remodel Design In Kitchens

Wood in kitchens used to be the norm. People started moving away from wood and instead opted for tile, marble, granite, and plastics.

Just like other trends in popular culture, we’re starting to see old trends resurface. This is one of the kitchen renovation kitchen trends for 2012 that is showing up again in 2021.

Within the last year, we’ve noticed a big uptick in how much wood is used after a kitchen renovation. It might be because wood can give that rustic feel and add texture to the design.

The Power of Wood in Kitchen Renovations

Wooden features in kitchen remodels
Credit: Remodelista

The material itself is ideal for a kitchen. Not only does wood have a great look to it, but it also has a lot of physical properties that are desirable.

The material is strong, inexpensive, and comes in a variety of natural colors. It’s really easy to manufacture and machine, and there’s no limit to what it can be made into.

Additionally, wood can pair nicely with dozens of different styles. Bohemian, modern, Scandinavian, European, rustic, or even antique styles can benefit from wood.

Wood lasts a long time, so there’s no worry about how it will look in a decade. In fact, as wood ages, it becomes even more desirable.

Wooden Cabinets Are Becoming The Feature Of New Kitchens

Credit : FrenchyFancy

Until recently, people did everything in their power to hide the fact that their cabinets were wood. They might add paint, a dark glaze, or glass to the cabinets to minimize the amount of wood.

If nothing else, the wood cabinets were never the focal point of a kitchen. Designers would try to mask the wood and have it blend into the background.

Now, we’re seeing more power given to wooden cabinets. You might find a kitchen that is designed entirely around the cabinets. There is an emphasis on the fact that they’re made out of wood.

We’re also seeing fewer designers paint their wooden cabinets. Showing the natural grains and color of the wood looks incredible in a kitchen.

Using upper and lower cabinets to tell the full story is a great way to tie your kitchen together.

The wooden cabinets also play nicely off the different types of floors. A light oak cabinet looks gorgeous next to white marble flooring. It keeps the elegance and adds an additional layer of flavor and taste.

Ideas For Exquisite Wooden Kitchen Renovation Finishes

Credit: Remodelista Photography by Amelia Stanwix of Studio Ezra

It isn’t just the cabinets that are seeing more wood – all around the kitchen we’re seeing finishes and pieces that incorporate wood.

It’s not an unfamiliar sight to see wooden floors in a kitchen. People are stepping away from tile or laminate and opting for gorgeous wooden floors.

You can use wooden chairs or stools instead of metal or plastic. Again, this helps tie the kitchen together.

Knife blocks, butcher blocks, and cutting boards are opting for wood rather than metal or plastic. You can have some fun with the tones used in the different woods across the kitchen.

Using lighter cabinets, darker floors, and unique wood finishes would look perfect for the right kitchen.

Don’t be afraid of using wooden countertops where it makes sense. In the right region, it will look perfect. Make sure you give it a good glaze and make the counter shine and keep its color.

Using wooden shelves, trim, or moulding is a smart way to give a subtle addition of wood to your kitchen.

Telling A Story With Wood In Your Renovation

There is a notable trend of designers using wood that has a story.

If someone is doing kitchen remodeling in a historical town, they might look to salvage wood. They could use wood from old buildings, old pieces, or old decor and transform it into a piece in the kitchen.

For example, someone might use reclaimed wood from an old barn to create a kitchen table. The owners of the house now have a piece of history in their home that’s functional and looks great. When guests compliment the table, they have a fun story to share.

The same example can be used for someone who is performing a kitchen remodel on an old house. The designer might take old wooden beams that were used and create a statement piece in the kitchen with it. 


Don’t be surprised when you visit a friend’s house after a remodel and their kitchen has wood in it. Wood is making a comeback in kitchens in 2021, and we’re very excited about it. There are so many places where wood can be used, and it helps the kitchen look luxurious and well thought out.