Give us one way to tell what’s cooking in the kitchen without going there, and most of you will answer “SMELL IT”! Turn the knob, add oil to your pan, and throw in the ingredients. Then the mouth-watering smell will linger in your house. But the problem is, not all kitchen smell is pleasing and you sure don’t want to go to work smelling roast beef or another dish. Now, you’re smiling after reading this because you might have experienced this scenario and used your perfume to eliminate the smell. Scenarios like this will continue to happen if you have no kitchen extractor or kitchen hood at home! So let this article guide you with all the kitchen extraction types to help you find the one that will fit in your lovely kitchen! 


Visor or Under Cabinet Ranger Hoods

Modern and classy, this kitchen design 2021 has an installed visor wood from Russell Hobbs that helps in eliminating kitchen odour. If you have a small kitchen, these kitchen extraction types are perfect. In fact, these were the basic extractors used by every household.

However, because of the new designs being released, the demand decreases. You can easily identify them for their obvious bulky appearance.  And if you’re interested in putting this in your kitchen, you may want to check these brands.

  • Russel Hobbs RHVSRCH602B-M – this extractor has its own charm in the kitchen. It comes with convenient push-button control and requires less space. You can choose from its three-speed settings and can effectively keep your kitchen smoke-free. There’s no problem with lighting because it is equipped with durable and energy-saving LED lights. If you aren’t convinced yet, you’ll be glad of its other functions such as neutralizing the odour, drawing steam, and filters out the smell in the kitchen.  

  • Zanussi ZHT611X –  space-saving and easy to use. This is what you can expect from this extractor. Just by sliding your fingertip, you can control its suction power and speed. You no longer have to bear the smell attached to your shirt every time you walk by in your kitchen. Plus there is no issue with mismatching in your existing kitchen interior design because it will blend well!

Recirculation Hoods

These kitchen extraction types are effective in eliminating kitchen smell right before you smell it. All thanks to the charcoal and grease filter that works as a powerful duo in knocking off smoke, grease, different types of kitchen odour.

The best example of this is this kitchen design. Using it will make your kitchen looks professional and free from bad-smelling odours. Here are your suitable options if you want one for your kitchen.

  • Broan 41000 Series – this extractor offers the power of grease and charcoal filter that effectively eliminates odour, smoke, and grease. It comes in three color finish such as stainless steel, white, bisque, and black. Plus it is equipped with a control light and speed fan light. As for its appearance, it looks modern and sleek. So you’ll definitely admire this in your kitchen.

  • Broan PM390 – If you’re looking for an extractor that is easy to maintain, that would be the Broan PM390. Its filters are designed dishwasher safe and quick-release. It will blend well with your wooden kitchen cabinets, Kitchen Lighting, and good ventilation. It offers three-speed that you can adjust in its slide control. Plus it is compatible with 40-watt candelabra bulbs and a 357NDK non-ducted filter kit. 

Integrated Hoods

There are kitchen extraction types that are too visible. But you want yours hidden, that would be possible if you will choose to install integrated hoods. Just like this kitchen from Kitchens by Emma Reed. Who would think that there’s an extractor installed?

We bet you didn’t notice it at your first glance. They are discreet and ideal for kitchens with medium space. They can be attached under your wall cabinets and has an easy control switch on the front. It’s exciting to have this, so here’s where you can get them. 

  • Elica Cloud Seven – incomparable in design and function. This extractor has an impressive stainless steel color finish and can be controlled even while you’re sitting on your couch. You will not be disturbed by its sound because its noise level is only 61 dB. It has improved airflow and lighting to help you enjoy your cooking time in the kitchen. Plus it comes with a charcoal and grease aluminum filter that will make the odour and smoke elimination easy.  

  • AEG H331xW770xD300 – good ventilation and lighting. This is what AEG boasts as well as its hands-free system that offers easy use. The good thing about this is it can play hide and seek well. It has two built-in washable grease filters and electronic push buttons. If you’re cooking at night, its two LED spotlights are ready to illuminate. Plus you can control it from afar using its remote control. 

Island Hoods

Island kitchens are adorable. Aside from they can be used as an instant dining table, they add beauty and sophistication to the kitchen.  And of all kitchen extraction types, you would agree that the best partner for it is the island hood.

Looking at kitchen designs by Perfect Kitchen Remodel, you will be stimulated to develop one at home. Luckily, you can seek help from Futuro Futuro in getting not just dependable but also designer hoods for your kitchen! We can feel your tiny endorphins jumping, so here are your best options.

  •  Acqualina Glass Island Range Hood – sturdy and elegant-looking. This extractor has a contemporary design that can easily blend well with your existing kitchen interior. It offers four options for lighting and speed. Plus it has an adjustable height! There’s nothing to worry about the noise even if it has four-speed levels because it is equipped with an internal whisper-quiet tangential blower. 

  • Tactio Island Range Hood – if you thought Acqualina is too simple, wait till you try the Tactio Island Range Hood. This is not like the common extractors you see because first, it is suspended and second, it has a dimmable internal light. It offers five control buttons, four speeds, and an LED light control button. It’s quiet and ductless so there’s no reason not to like it. 

Chimney Hoods

Kitchen extraction types like chimney hoods are perfect for families whose passion is cooking. These are also perfect for food providers like fast food chains and restaurants. You can place it between your kitchen cabinets or onto your wall. Just like this kitchen design by Woodmaster kitchens.

Some of us thought that white is hard to maintain but this kitchen design proves that kitchens look great in white and chimney hoods could add classy detail to the kitchen. Speaking of detail, you can have a dependable chimney hood with the help of BEST.

  • BEST WBF41 Series – this extractor comes with easy-control push electronic push buttons and an LCD screen. It’s best to install if you want to achieve a modern-looking kitchen. You can choose from its three-speed and use its lighted LCD screen when it gets dark. It effectively removes odours and smoke. Plus its grease filters are dishwasher-safe and made quick-release. 

  • BEST WCB3 Series – how do you like a kitchen extractor with an impressive light system? This will help you capture instagrammable food in the kitchen. As for its glass panels, you can choose from black, emerald, white, grey, purple, red, and lime. It has a sleek design and is so easy to control. It also boasts its code-ready technology that helps in reducing CFM levels and improves air quality. 

When we cook, kitchen odour, grease, and smoke are constant. But they will not be a threat if there is an installed extractor in the kitchen. In this article, we have shared with you the kitchen extraction types. And we hope, that with the information we have provided, you’ll be able to choose one that fits in your kitchen!