Challenging times like what the world is dealing with nowadays have brought changes to our lives in a lot of aspects including our daily work. With these changes, the thin line between home and office is fading away and dramatically impacts the way we live and work.

These days our workspace does not only confines of sitting in an office cubicle. Some begin and continue working remotely in their homes whether it’s in the small corner under the stairs, in the dining area, or the kitchen.

However, we want to set boundaries and keep our favorite place in our home still look warm and inviting. And so, the upkeeping of our home and our kitchen is necessary to adapt to the demand of the new conditions of living and working at the same time. 

‘Light fixture makeovers are perfect for sprucing up any room on the cheap.’

An upgrade of light fixtures is an ideal way to make your kitchen look pleasant and susceptible to work productivity. If your kitchen does not have a lot of windows and has less access to natural light, artificial lighting is just as beneficial, not only in terms of aesthetic design but also in increasing concentration and alertness.

The best way to light your kitchen is to initially work smartly between the kitchen layout and the placement of the light fixtures. This is important to achieve a balanced distribution of light across the kitchen area.  From then, you should look for the appropriate type of light you need.


1. Overhead lighting or also called ceiling lighting is the most prominent lighting fixture since it is usually the main source of light in the kitchen area. It is powered either by 120 volts which are considered as high voltage or 10volts, 12volts, or 24 volts which are considered as low voltage.  You can also choose from a variety of options that will suit the style or color scheme of the kitchen.

  • Chandelier is the crème de la crème of light fixtures and is one of the best ways to light your kitchen. It is installed not only to lit up the room but also to get your attention. It is often a decorative accent that makes a statement in any type of space. Small types of chandeliers can look subtle, yet still elegant and suitable for a smaller area. While other types with elaborate designs include crystals, chains, or canopy.

  • Pendant lights used a chain or rod that is typically suspended to the ceiling with at least 2 or more encased light bulbs. The pendants are evenly spaced, sometimes, in varying heights. Pendant lights are typically used as decorative pieces above the kitchen islands or dining tables.  It is an ideal design element to create some contrast with a specific kitchen furnishing.

  • Flush Mount Light is typically screwed directly to the ceiling without any exposed chain or rod. The bulb used is normally encased with a dish or a dome-shaped fixture. It is ideal for a low-height ceiling that provides a casual aesthetic style.  This type of light is a quaint combination of subtlety and enchantment though it is more suitable for dim light and decorative function than work purposes. 

  • Semi-Flush Mount Lights is very similar to Flush Mount only this one has a little flair. It has a short drop creating a gap between the ceiling and the fixture which allows the light to bounce upward and makes the room look brighter. It is also suitable for the low-height ceilings. Its stylish appearance can form a balance and functionality in space without looking fancy or extravagant.

  • Recessed Lights are types of light that are embedded into the ceiling, hence the name. This light can provide general lighting and would fit any type of design whether it’s contemporary or colonial. You can always use layers of lighting in the kitchen, so you can have a recessed light for general illumination and add a pendant or semi-flush to form a contrast or accent. 

  • Track Light is an innovative lighting fixture system. It is typically fixed to a ceiling or wall wherein the track is wired and holds the conductor to power the individual light or head. This is the best way to light your kitchen especially when it comes to placing it in an odd corner or workstation. It can create a dramatic effect and highlight a specific feature in your kitchen.

  • Puck Light works as an auxiliary source of lighting. It comes in a small oval or round shape that is generally used to illuminate a small corner under a cabinet or highlight a decoration or fixture. Although it is not the best option for work station, it is the best way to light your kitchen for accent. You can find a battery-operated or plug-in puck light and if you want to skip switching on and off, you can also find a motion sensor for an alternative. 

2. Small lamp lights are not only trendy but more importantly, they add detail to the kitchen. It provides enough amount of light which is good when you suddenly craved in the middle of the night and you didn’t want to alert the entire household. And that’s a very useful function for a small fixture. You can place the lamps on the kitchen island, by the window, or near the cabinet where you display your recipe books. Inspiration for moms, a lifestyle blog, shows some impressive inspiration on how to incorporate the lamp into your kitchen design. There are also different options of style that will suit your theme or color scheme.

Installing proper lighting in your kitchen or home helps meet the need of each family member living in your house. Whether you need a general illumination for your skype meeting or a soft lamplight to keep your little one calm down.  We hope all this information helps you choose the best way to light your kitchen. Now, the choice in your hand, and may the light be with you.