We always hear people say that the kitchen is where the magic happens. But your kitchen should not only be a place where you satisfy one’s belly nor a place where you always seem to sing “the sun will come out” while holding a ladle. We believe that your kitchen should create a statement. A statement of aesthetic and practicality through design and purpose. And what better way to do it than choosing the perfect kitchen splashback trends that best suit the lifestyle and personality of your own and your family.

                     Your Gleaming Kitchen

These splashback trends for 2021 will give you some inspiration and help you decide which design will best express your personality by remodeling your kitchen. The kitchen should stimulate all the human senses like what is expected from a modern contemporary design and classic elegant work of art. So, before you make your perfect kitchen into reality, we put together helpful information you may want to consider before tearing that old kitchen down to build a new one.

Hexagon is not your ordinary geometrical shape.

If you are renovating your kitchen and you have a Scandinavian style kitchen in your mind, it’s easier to achieve using a hexagon splashback. This specific design is one of the newest kitchen trends in 2021. If you are going after a modern texture, this interior adds to your overall design. You can also choose from the vast variety of colors, textures, and patterns whether you want to conjure a classic elegant mood or create a bold statement. Hexagon tiles are not only best for kitchen splashback. You can also make a cool modern statement when it’s used in bathroom floors with contrasting white grout.

Multicolored hexagons are so in right now. It adds texture while different patterns like fish scale or mermaid tile can be eye-catching and creative, especially when an intricate pattern is formed combining a modern shape with a touch of vintage style. There are few different ways to use the hexagon tile that creates a honeycomb shape that projects a graphic feature on your wall.

Things to consider when choosing a hexagon tile:

  • Color



  • Texture



  • Pattern

Marble Mosaic

Broken Hexagon

Fish Scale or Mermaid tile

You can never go wrong with Porcelain.

Renovating a kitchen can be daunting, but no need to feel overwhelmed. This kitchen splashback trend can be one of your choices. If you are looking after a low maintenance, long-lasting and guests keep saying “wow” every time they go to your kitchen, the porcelain splashback might be the one you are looking for.

Porcelain is a smooth non-porous material, so it’s perfect for splashback since it does not absorb, but rather repel stain which makes it easier to clean. Unlike ceramic, porcelain does not chip easily because it is denser and heavier, and less likely to crack, therefore, more durable and gives more value to your money. Though Porcelain comes in a wide variety of ranges, colors, textures, and patterns, Ceramic offers some exciting shapes like a picket fence, herringbone, and arabesque.

Depending on the size of your kitchen, porcelain comes in large to the extra-large panels which means it can cover the expanse of your kitchen using fewer panels. It gives the illusion of a bigger area.  And because porcelain provides a seamless surface, it makes your splashback achieve a visual impression of a clean, contemporary, yet classy look.

Stone in love with your splashback.

If you’re tired of your old kitchen and thinking of upgrading or renovating it into your dream kitchen, this kitchen splashback trend can be the perfect solution. If you want to achieve a rustic and cozy or luxe and elegant kitchen, you’ll be surprised to find hundreds of different types of stone and colors available for you to choose from. It pays a lot to do a little research before you decide to install your splashback.  Take note that stones are naturally porous material although some are lesser than others. If you choose a stone for your kitchen splashback make sure that you apply a natural stone sealer to avoid discoloration and make it last longer.

 Types of Stone

  • Marble Stone

This type of stone is rich, classy, and beautiful. Choosing this type of stone as a splashback can achieve a sense of luxury in your kitchen with its timeless appeal and with minimal effort. In terms of function, marble is ideal for splashbacks because it is resistant to heat and cools easily considering that it would be placed near a stove. On the aesthetic level, marble can replace a painting on your wall and elevates the feel of your entire kitchen. It creates a brighter space when lighting fixtures are installed and reflected the stones.

  • Granite

This type of stone is one of the favorites among kitchen splashbacks because it is less porous than marble making it resistant to stains and splashes. It also lasts a long time without worries of chipping or scratching. It can offer you a great range of options of colors, styles, sizes, and budgets. You can achieve a unique backdrop with its different designs like a sparkly black galaxy granite or a thunder white with veining grey or red flecks that cannot be duplicated by other engineered types of stone because it is a mineral deposit embedded naturally into the slab.

  • Quartz

This is an engineered type of stone with 10% binders and 90% stone-like materials such as crushed granite. Since it Is manufactured and not quarried, the designs and patterns are customizable depending on your preference and more budget-friendly. In terms of function, engineered stones are unbeatable and the nearest best option to a natural stone since it doesn’t require sealing application. Compared to marble and granite, Quartz is non-porous making it less absorbent and repel stains from oil splatters, juice, tomato sauce, and coffee.

No safer way than Subway.

Sometimes all we want is classic, simple, straightforward, and functional whether it’s about a style, approach to a problem, or just way of life. For a splashback, a Subway style is a safer choice that’s why it’s everyone’s favorite.  This kitchen splashback trend is the exact definition of simplicity and functionality.

You can never go wrong choosing subway tiles for your kitchen whether it’s for a restaurant or your home.  It never goes out of style. You can achieve a classic traditional interior to modern contemporary design. Of course, you can always be playful in laying them out for a specific look you want to achieve. You can lay a subway tile in a different pattern. Its versatility is limitless.

Ways to lay a subway tile:

  • Brick bond or Running bond
  • Stacked vertical
  • Stacked horizontal
  • Diagonal
  • Herringbone
  • Crossh hatch or Basket weave

Kitkat does not only satisfy your sweet tooth.

Kitkat or also known as Finger tiles are long and thin type of tiles which is a good choice if you are working on a small area.  This kitchen splashback trends are becoming a popular choice, especially for those who are downsizing their living space, yet want to keep their trendy and contemporary style.

Although it takes a little longer to layout because of its size, it is still worth it as it adds interest and depth to your kitchen by creating a visual accent, especially when you pick the perfect color that can bring out the magic in your kitchen.

A touch of bright color tones like emerald green or a soft shade of pale blue is just some of the options from its variety of available colors in the market. Its popularity has become so wide that its purpose spreads to giving a new life to a wall or flooring of a bathroom or laundry area.

We hope this information helps you decide which splashback is the best for you, so you can continue creating magic in your newly renovated sun-drenched kitchen.