Different types of food are meant to be eaten cold. But generally, a hot, delicious, and steamy meal perfectly compensates for our long day of work. And the best way to prepare it quickly and easily is with the use of the mighty oven! Explore online or visit the nearest shopping centers, you’ll be swamped with different types of ovens. So providing the suitable one for your kitchen might not be as sleek as sailing in the calm sea. 

You can be confused with the mountain of choices and varieties. But with this article that we have specially prepared for you, getting the best oven for your kitchen is like picking a hanging mango in its tree! Now let’s get started, shall we? 

Upright Ovens or Free Standing Ovens

Freestanding or upright ovens may be considered by some as primitive style. But, there’s much to love about them. Aside from perfectly filling gaps in the kitchen, they are movable. The great thing about them is you can take them with you if you’re determined to start afresh in a new place. Just like this kitchen inspiration from realtyaustin that looks neat and functional. And speaking of functional, here are some of the best freestanding or upright ovens you can add to your bucket list.

  • Ariston CP059MDX – this oven comes not just with four but 5 gas burners. It’s ideal to use in baking, grilling, roasting, multi-cooking, defrosting, and traditional cooking. It boasts its three cast iron grids, triple glazed glass door, and its self-cleaning catalytic liners you won’t find in other ovens.

  • Falcon’s Professional+ FXP – a proud product of Britain and a brand established in the 1830s. This oven comes with pyrolytic cleaning features so expect your cleaning time to be trimmed. What makes this outstanding is its energy-saving panel or ESP that consumes less energy even if you cook big batches. 

Wall Ovens or Built-in Ovens

Of all types of ovens, you may want to agree that the wall opens are a genius solution to overcrowded kitchens. They provide extra space for your other kitchen appliances and can be customized to keep them invisible in plain sight. Just like this design from dwell that shows how neat your kitchen will look if the oven is affixed in the wall. No bulky appearance and space-saving. You too can have this kitchen look if you try these power duo below.

  • Café CTS70DP2NS1 – for a price of $ 2,999 you can have a wall oven that is customizable in the finish. You can choose from brushed black, brushed copper, brushed stainless, and brushed bronze. Adding an elegant look to your kitchen, you can depend on its smart monitoring features and fantastic touchscreen display. 


  • GE Profile PTS7000NSS – this oven offers unique features such as built-in WiFi -nabled by SmartHQ App. With this connected to your WiFi, you can apply the adjustments to your cooking even when you’re chilling in your living room with your guests. It comes in two simple yet eye-catching colors like black stainless and stainless steel. 

Convection Ovens 

Talking about the different types of ovens, the convection ovens stand out in some features. If you’re always complaining about undercooked pies and cookies, providing this one would be a good choice! Cooking big batches is worrisome especially if your time is very limited.

This is what makes convection ovens great because aside from assuring equal heat distribution, you can use it in cooking multiple dishes one-time big time! It can keep the food crispy without giving it a dry texture. Here are some brands that you would love to add to your kitchen!

  • Black Decker Counter Top Convection Toaster Oven- this oven will spoil you for cooking a wide range of food perfectly from bread, pastries, and frozen snacks. You can get a peek of the cooking process in its glass door and you wouldn’t have to worry if you greasing the surface slips on your mind. Why? Because it is equipped with nonstick coating in its interior to avoid the food from sticking to the surface.

  • Oster French Door Oven With Convection-  this oven will cut your time in meal preparation. You can sit, relax, and watch movies while waiting for your frozen snack to be cooked. Unlike other ovens, this comes with two doors that demand a single pull for convenient use. You can use this toasting, baking, broiling, warming, and cook convectional with just a few adjustments. Did we mention that you can save 50% less energy upon using this? All thanks to its improved features.  

Compact Ovens

If you had to choose between space and oven, why not choose both? There are types of ovens that require a little space in the kitchen just like the compact ovens. They are efficient to use for you can place them inside the cabinet or in your kitchen corner. Just like this kitchen design entitled, Bellevue Somerset Remodel it shows off how convenience of using a compact oven. 

But don’t worry, you can relate to this convenience with these best brands below.

  • Panasonic FlashXpress – small but terrible, this oven comes with not just four but six presets! And if you aren’t amazed yet, you have the power to control the outcome of your pie’s crust starting from light, dark, and medium. If you’re living a solo life in the city quick meals are what usually fill your fridge. The good thing is this oven works 40% faster and better than most of the oven brands endorsed. 


  • Breville Compact Smart Oven – with its space-saving design, you wouldn’t have to mind the space it would consume in your kitchen. You can test its outstanding performance with frozen snacks for it quickly defrosts and cooks the meal accurately. Plus you can also use it in broiling, roasting, reheating, baking, and toasting! 

Double Ovens

Simultaneous cooking can be done with the traditional oven. But how about cooking meals with different temperature requirements? This would be a hassle if there are no double ovens. They can give you the freedom to cooking dishes separately and simultaneously. This kitchen inspiration from Houzz justifies the elegance and statement of double ovens in the kitchen.  We bet you also adore the look and what more if you can put the ovens in action!

That is possible with these super brands below.

  • Kitchenaid 30” Double Upper Wall Oven – this oven will assure you that every food you put in will be cooked evenly with its true convection feature that promotes even cooking and heating. You will no longer frown over undercooked pizzas or burnt cookie edges because it is equipped with a temperature probe that monitors and controls the temperature inside. 

  •  Samsung 30” Smart Double Wall Oven with Flex Duo – cooking dishes with different temperature requirements is never a hard job for this oven. Thanks to its flex duo technology that allows you to cook simultaneously even at different temperatures. So even if your guests arrive unannounced, you have an oven that can help you broil, bake, roast, and cook! 


Pyrolytic Ovens

Baking and cooking is an enjoyable task. But after you exercise your expertise in the kitchen, your next battle is the grimes, burnt, and mess in the oven. Luckily pyrolytic ovens are invented! Instead of complaining from achy back over scrubbing and wiping, they have this self-cleaning feature that will eliminate your cleaning task! Doesn’t this convince you that they are the best type s;

oven so far? If you haven’t seen one, here are your best options.

  • Dual Cook Flex Oven NV75N5641RS – this oven will make your table feast possible and sumptuous for it offers its dual cook feature that allows you to cook different meals with different temperatures. It is energy-saving and flexible, making it one of the best choices for kitchen appliances. And if ever you’re cooking two different meals, the bottom rack will remain undisturbed with its flexible door. As for the mess, you will be redeemed from the scrubbing and wiping task with its catalytic cleaning system.

  • Bosch HBSB573BS0B Built –in Oven– this oven boasts the autopilot program that enables it to cook delicious dishes. No guesswork but pure fun because you will find it easy to use with its Red LED displays. You will be excited to use its pyrolytic cleaning programs for the cleaning task is no longer yours to make! 

It’s exciting to choose kitchen appliances that can help us deal with our daily needs like food. And when it comes to making delicious meals, ovens are our best buddies in the kitchen. There may be a flood of choices online or in physical stores, this article will help you find what you need among the different types of ovens!