There are fun activities we can do in the dark like storytelling and hide-and-seek. But darkness is something that shouldn’t be entertained in your kitchen unless you want to play hide and seek with the ingredients and other kitchen essentials. The best way to ensure that you won’t experience the same fate, investing in recessed lighting is your suitable option!

There are many lights that you can put in your kitchen but the recessed lighting is what can satisfy you. So in this article, allow us to enlighten you about the different Trims of recessed lighting to help you solve your problem in choosing what’s best for your kitchen! 


Slot Aperture Trim

With a range motion of 179-degree rotation and 35-degree tilt, this recessed lighting is perfect if you want to keep your source of light hidden from your ceiling. This is an example of a Slot Aperture Trim by Lumens. It is ideal for any kitchen size, so there’s no issue if you have a small kitchen. These are your other options from Lumens if you want more stylish slot aperture trim in your kitchen. 

  • 4’ Adjustable Slot Aperture Trim – this is perfect to install in your kitchen, bathroom, or other rooms with dry areas. It has a cool shape that can conceal common light fixtures, leaving no trace on the ceiling surface but its crisp white look. It can be adjusted vertically up to 45-degrees. 
  • T3850 Slot Aperture – this trim comes with nine beautiful finishes that will blend well with your kitchen’s ceiling. You can choose from antique copper, white, satin nickel, matte white, gold plated, brushed nickel, brushed chromes, black, and architectural bronze. This is perfect for kitchen remodeling or simply looking for a new look for your house. 


Open Trim

Of all the recessed lighting, the Open Trim is your best option if your budget is limited. Just like the slot aperture, the fixture is almost hidden. However, this trim fits tight around the fixture. And once again Lumens is offering suitable trims that you can consider for your kitchen.

  • BR30 Regressed Open Trim – this trim is also ideal for spaces with dry ambiance. It has the ability to render a wider beam angle and is compatible with angled edges. This is compatible with incandescent lamps. 
  • BR30 Open Frame Trim – if you want casual lighting for your kitchen, this is a suitable trim to use. You will be amazed by its ability to deliver brightness in different spaces, giving a clean and well-lighted room.  

Baffle Trim

If you are conscious of the shape of the light produced by your kitchen’s lighting, then this trim is the one for you. Using this will help minimize the glare and traps the light shape. This is famous among other trims because it is commonly used in commercial and residential homes. And here’s an example of a kitchen with baffle trim installed in its ceiling.  It makes the room so bright and ideal to use when cooking. And with Y Lighting,  you too can have these lights in your kitchen.

  •  Square Smooth Led Baffle Trim – this trim comes in three admirable finishes like black, satin nickel, and white. It renders a sleek and clean spot for your light fixtures. What’s good about this is eliminates glare, emits less heat, is energy-saving, and has a lasting beam.
  •   Round LED Smooth Baffle Trim – offers a silhouette aluminum design and glare-free lighting. You will admire how it brightens up spaces. Plus it will help you accentuate your kitchen whatever theme you may have. Not to mention that it prevents interruptions and renders a vibrant glow.


Eye Ball Trim

You may ask if there’s a type of recessed lighting that can be controlled. And this is none other than the eye ball trim. It gives you the opportunity to be rotated up to 359-degrees and tilted for 30-degrees. This will allow you to control your kitchen’s light direction to any angle you desire. Just like this kitchen inspiration with eye ball trims in white. Here are your options if you’re interested in having this in your kitchen with the help of Total Recessed Lighting.

Decorative Trim

Among other types of recessed lighting, the decorative trims are your best option if you want to have unique-looking lights in your kitchen’s ceiling. Commonly, it is composed of glass and different metals. Plus comes in a different finish and shape. This elegant kitchen uses decorative trim and we can’t deny how fancy it looks. Check these glamorous lightings if you want a better kitchen ceiling.

  • Skygarden Recessed Lighting – this trim comes in a classy cast plaster design that will exclusively illuminate and beautify your kitchen! It shines brightly and flashes through its blown opal glass diffuser. 
  •  Faretti Cheope Recessed Lighting – offers a unique pyramid shape that will surely blend well with your kitchen’s contemporary design. The light emitted from this trim refracts in different directions. 


Wall Wash Trim

This recessed lighting will not be called wall wash if it isn’t involved in walls. These are aimed straight on walls to give a dramatic effect in your kitchen. Just like this lovely kitchen from Love incorporated. So if you want this too, you can check these wall wash trims below.

  • Aether 3.5 Inch LED Shallow Housing Wall Wash Trim – this trim comes in Haze and white finish that will perfectly blend well with your kitchen’s interior. It has a seamless style so you can be sure that it won’t go out of style and will ideally illuminate tight places. 
  • Ardito 3.5 Inch Ultra-Thin Wall Wash Trim– this trim is stylish for you to have the power to choose the interior and trim finish. For the interior, you can choose from matte white, matte black, and anodize. As for the trim, you can choose from satin nickel, gold plated, brushed chrome, matte white, and brushed nickel. 


Scoop Trim

Surface adjustable or elbow trim, is what this recessed lighting is known for. It can be rotated up to 359-degrees and tilted up to 70-degrees. Just like this kitchen inspiration showing off different recessed lighting especially the scoop trim.  

  • Pearl LED Retrofit Square Surface Gimbal Adjustable Trim- offers five finishes like black, white, matte powder white, natural metal, and bronze. As for the color temperature, you can choose from comfort dim, 3500, 4000, 2700, and 3000. It is absolutely dimmable and produces a clean glow. 

Lensed Trim

Lensed recessed lighting is perfect for kitchens in wet locations.  And from its name, you can easily predict that it comes with a protective lens cover which is either made from glass or plastic. 

  • 6-inch Standard Slope Lensed Shower Trim – this trim is perfect for outdoor areas and compatible with housings like IC and Non-IC rated. It has a clean white finish and offers a glare-free glow. 
  • 6-Inch Super Slope Lensed Shower Trim with Diffuser – this trim is perfect for slopes tilted from 30 to 45-degrees. This is also compatible with housings like IC and Non-IC rated.  As for the lighting, it is compatible with a 120-volt E26 medium size halogen lamp. 


A well-lighted kitchen helps in accentuating the details and your taste with materials. And in this article, you learned the different types of recessed lighting that can effectively deliver illumination to your kitchen. We hope that you find these suggestions helpful and may you find the right type soon for your kitchen remodeling.